Amantea is easy to adapt as your needs change over time. The range of rails, boxes and baskets works vertically or horizontally, perfect for small or awkward-shaped bathrooms, and uses a mix of stainless steel and painted metal to suit any bathroom.

1. Choose your support

2. Choose your accessories

3. Choose your colour

GoodHome Amantea Grey Bathroom Accessories

GoodHome Amantea White Bathroom Accessories

GoodHome Amantea Blue Bathroom Accessories

GoodHome Amantea Taupe Bathroom Accessories

GoodHome Amantea Bathroom Accessories

Designed to last

Amantea accessories can be quickly removed and cleaned, and all boxes have holes in order to prevent the build-up of water.

Plus, they're made from stainless steel, so Amantea can be used in wet spaces without the risk of rust.

Changes with you

Not only can you create bespoke storage solutions to make the most of your bathroom space, but you can adjust them over time as your needs change.

You can organise them horizontally or vertically so they'll adapt to your needs.

GoodHome Amantea Bathroom Accessories

Innovative GoodHome Amantea Bathroom Accessories


Modular design means you can mix and match to get the look you want.

Easy to install GoodHome Amantea Bathroom Accessories

Easy to fit

Screw fittings make for quick and easy installation on most surfaces.

Easy to Clean GoodHome Amantea Bathroom Accessories

Easy to clean

A stainless steel finish means it's easy to keep them looking as good as new.

2 Year Guarantee GoodHome Amantea Bathroom Accessories

2 Year Guarantee

Our bathroom accessories come complete with a 2 year guarantee.