V33 Renovation Paint

It can sometimes be difficult to know where to start when you want to renovate old furniture, tiles or ceramics. V33 Renovation paint allows you to give your interiors a modern look easily. Exclusive to B&Q.

V33 Renovation Paint

If you want to improve your interior decoration, there’s no shortage of projects out there.

Repaint wooden kitchen cupboards and cabinets, an old fridge, outdated bathroom wall tiles, that shabby cupboard in the hall, the bathroom, old timber flooring and those tired and worn stairs.

With the new V33 Renovation Paints, every surface has its own quick and easy solution that will change everything... without changing everything.

Renovation Cupboards & Cabinets

Invigorate your depressed kitchen with a change of style.

Renovate cupboards and cabinets made from varnished wood, painted wood, melamine and laminates. Resistant to cooking stains thanks to Teflon technology. Also resistant to household products and repeated cleaning.

Renovation Household Appliances

That's all it takes to give your kitchen a new life.

Renovate most household appliances made from aluminium, metal, stainless steel, plastics etc. Smooth finish, and resistant to stains, impact and frequent cleaning.

Renovation Wall Tiles

Bathroom in distress? Give it a new look.

Renovate ceramic tiles, wall tiles, border tiles, glass bricks, etc with this specially designed paint.

Resistant to repeated water splashing and cleaning and care products. Does not chip. Creates a tough paint film.

Renovation Panelling

Forgotten bedroom dreams of new youth.

Renovate panelling made from untreated wood, varnished wood, painted wood, melamine and PVC panelling, etc.

Perfect adhesion on smooth and sealed surfaces. Resistant to water splashing and frequent cleaning. Stain and impact resistant.

Renovation Tiled Floors

That’s all it takes for a new lease of life.

Renovate flooring made from tiles, glazed stoneware, marble, granite, etc.

Perfect adhesion on smooth and sealed surfaces. Resistant to impact, abrasion caused by heavy use and frequent cleaning.

Renovation Floors & Stairs

Give a tired hall some personality.

Renovate floors and stairs made from laminates, varnished wood, painted wood, OSB board, etc.

Does not chip and follows the movement of the wood. Resistant to impact and abrasion caused by heavy use and frequent cleaning.