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Garland Products Ltd Super 7 Propagator

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Garland Products Ltd Super 7 Propagator
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Product details

Product information

  • Germinating seeds and rooting cuttings
  • Comes with 1 x heated base, 7 growing trays, 7 clear vented covers

Features and benefits

This compact electric windowsill propagator is a complete plant nursery for your windowsill. Featuring 7 mini vented propagators, ideally sized for the most gardeners, the Super 7 allows the user to grow a large number of plant varieties on just one unit. The heated base contains a 13 Watt carbon fibre element for even heat distribution. The heated base is designed to increase the ambient compost temperature by around 8° Centigrade.

  • Heated base unit boosts the compost temperature for faster and more effective seed germination.
  • 7 mini propagator units allow user to grow more varieties on a single base unit.
  • Economical to run - 13 watt base unit ensures low operating costs.
  • Cuts risk of disease as each propagator unit gives an isolated growing environment, cutting the risk of cross contamination between plat varieties.
  • Avoids waste - uniquely sized mini propagators avoind the production of suprplus seedings.


Lid includedLid included
Power output13W
Product depth185mm
Product height150mm
Product width760mm
Product code5031670001788