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Karlsten Anti Rodent Rat & Mouse Deterrent & Repellent Peppermint Granules 650 Grams

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Karlsten Anti Rodent Rat & Mouse Deterrent & Repellent Peppermint Granules 650 Grams
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Keeping rodents away with Karlsten Anti-Rodent Extra Strong Peppermint gran Need the best anti-rodent to keep rodents away from your home? Angry with that rat and mice repellent you acquired and it is not delivering results? Well, Karlsten Anti-Rodent Refresher granules is all you need. Karlsten all new Rat and Mice granules for effective treatment of repelling and deterring small rodents leaving a nice smell for humans but a smell that rodents are unable to handle. Changes Rodents Behaviour Around Your Property As soon as rodents find shelter or a food source they can exploit on your property it becomes a target. After you sprin this natural repellent rodents will not want to be in that area. Did you know animals have 40- 100 times the sense of smell of humans? If mice and rats are regularly in an area that bothers you immediately apply the strong effective peppermint oil granule that area heavy and consistently and that area will eventually be rodent-free. At first, they may still go to the area - but it is out of habit. They are simple creatures and will learn that area and peppermint smell is disgusting to them and never return. Lasts longer and ideal for Indoor/Outdoor Use This peppermint scented rodent repellent will last 1-4 weeks. This rodent repellent is excellent for both indoor use and outdoor use. For indoor applications use in attics, garages, houses, and office space. For outdoor applications use on plants, lawns, shrubs, trees, furniture, dust bins, foundations, pool houses, and sheds. More features that define this rodent repellent It Lasts 1-4 weeks once sprinkled Peppermint scented Repels by taste, touch, and smell Repels a wide range of rodents such as rats, squirrels, insects, and mice We are happy to answer question 24 hours a day to help guide you through rodent problems

  • Guarantee - 1 month

Features and benefits

Karlsten Anti Rodent Rat & Mouse Deterrent & Repellent Peppermint Granules 650 Grams

  • ✅Repels by Smell & Aroma disrupts and destroys pheromone trails
  • ✅ Please clear pets from the room when treating the area... LASTS 7 days - Sprinkle on heavy for your first application to treat all areas . Make sure to sprinkle under decks, openings around your home, and very heavy on your dust bins (Also sprinkle a 2’ foot circle perimeter around your rubbish, After the animal is gone use every 2-6 weeks depending on rain conditions to naturally repel them for good. If you are currently in an infestation sprinkle heavy and often-
  • ✅OUTDOOR USE – For Indoor Applications Use Only In Attics, garages , office space, Labels indicates outdoor use only but can be used in the advised places but not living space For Outdoor Applications Use On Plants, Lawns, Shrubs, Trees, Furniture, dust bins , Foundations, , Pool Houses and Sheds
  • ✅ GETS RID OF and KEEPS AWAY Rats, Mice, squirrel and Other Nuisance Pests


Pack quantity1
Product depth1500mm
Product weight0.6kg
Product width1200mm
Product code5060492791256