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Ronseal Xactly Exterior Matt Decking Paint, Base 1, 2.5L

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Ronseal Xactly Exterior Matt Decking Paint, Base 1, 2.5L
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Sorry, the colour you chose is not available in this base. Please select a different colour or finish.

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Product details

Product information

With Ronseal Xactly Decking Paint, you can pick the look that's perfect for your deck and keep it looking great whatever the weather.

  • Suitable for Hardwood & softwood
  • Surface Preparation - Before you start, choose a warm, dry day (above 10°C) and clear the deck. New Decks: Most new decks come with a bit of waterproofing protection. This could stop the coating from sticking. To avoid this, give your new deck a good scrub with our Decking Cleaner & Reviver. Once scrubbed, throw some water on the deck and see if it beads. If it doesn't then you're good to go. If it does, you'll have to clean it again until the water stops beading. Allow the wood to dry thoroughly before applying Ronseal Xactly Decking. Make sure you waterproof your new end grain or any freshly cut deck ends using Ronseal Decking End Grain Protector. Untreated, Grey and Weathered Decks: Ronseal Xactly Decking will look much better on a nice clean deck, so use our Decking Restorer to take it back to its natural colour. It also helps the coating to stick, so your deck will look great for longer. Previously Treated Decks: If your deck has been painted, oiled or stained, check to see if the old coating is in good condition. If it is damaged or flaking, then use our Decking Stripper to get it back to bare wood. If the old coating is in good condition then you'll be able to paint straight over it.
  • Instructions for Use - Give the tin a really good stir. Check you’re happy with the colour by finding a small patch of wood to try it on. Use a synthetic brush or decking pad and start in the furthest corner, brushing along the length of the boards. Work on 3-4 boards at a time so you don't get any overlap marks. You'll need to put on 2 coats. Leave 4 hours between each coat. After 24 hours you'll be able to get your furniture out and use the deck. If you get any coating on yourself, wash it off with warm soapy water.
  • Guarantee - Statutory

Features and benefits

Ronseal Xactly Decking Paint has a scratch, knock and scuff resistant formula, offering all year, all weather protection - so your newly painted decking will look great for longer.

  • Superior Slip Resistance
  • Low Odour and VOCs
  • Rainproof in 90 minutes


Drying time90 min
Instructions for storageProtect from frost
Minimum touch dry time90min
Number of coats2
Paint base densityLight base
Recoat time4 hours
VOC levelLow
Product code5010214892716

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