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Self-Watering Jumbo Tomato Tower Planter - Vegetable & Climbing Plant Pot with 4 Tier Support & 8L Water Reservoir - H148cm x 38cm

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Self-Watering Jumbo Tomato Tower Planter - Vegetable & Climbing Plant Pot with 4 Tier Support & 8L Water Reservoir - H148cm x 38cm
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Product details

Product information

Grow your best ever tomatoes, runner beans and peas. The self-watering tower creates a perfect environment. All you need to grow your crops is an area just 15inch/38cm diameter. As well as providing support structures so your plants can climb and flourish, this growing tower also has a reservoir that feeds water and fertiliser directly to the root system for maximum growth. It also works well for climbing flowers like sweet peas, which can climb and twine through the support to create a fragrant, colourful display. Durable polypropylene/fibreglass The integrated capillary-action water reservoir Water and fertiliser feeds directly into root system 3-dimensional support structure enhances growth Space saving - ideal for smaller areas or patios Suitable for tomatoes, cucumbers, french beans, runner beans, peas, mange tout and much more. Can also be used to grow climbing flowers 58x15 inch dia

    Features and benefits

    • Self-Watering System: The key feature of the self-watering jumbo growing planter is its 8 litre water reservoir that provides water and fertilizer directly to the root system. This feature ensures that plants receive consistent moisture and nutrients for maximum growth.
    • 3 Dimensional, 4 Tier Support: The planter is designed with a 3-dimensional, 4 tier support system, which allows climbing plants to grow and flourish. This feature creates a vertical growing space that maximizes the use of available space, making it ideal for growing climbing vegetables and flowers such as French beans, runner beans, peas, mange tout, cucumbers, tomatoes, and sweet peas.
    • Durable Materials: The planter is made of durable polypropylene and fiberglass materials, ensuring long-lasting use. The materials are able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, making the planter suitable for outdoor use throughout the year.
    • Easy to Use: The planter is easy to set up and use, making it ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners. The self-watering system requires minimal maintenance, and the planter is lightweight and easy to move, allowing you to place it in different locations depending on your plant's needs.
    • Specifications: Measures H148cm x 38cm Diameter.


    Product depth380mm
    Product height1500mm
    Product weight1350g
    Product width380mm
    Colour groupOrange
    Product shapeRound
    Product code5053335246716