What's new in bathroom accessories

By Laura Hill | 12th January 2022 | 6 min read

The devil's in the detail

When it comes to bathroom design, it’s the small touches that give your space a real splash of personality. Whether it’s a loo roll holder or a soap dish, every little detail comes together to create a bathroom that’s uniquely yours.

Your bathroom sees every inch of you, so it’s important every inch of your bathroom looks and feels just right. That’s why we’ve added new accessory collections designed especially to complement your taste. Tap into the latest bathroom trends below.

new bathroom accessoriesnew bathroom accessoriesnew bathroom accessoriesnew bathroom accessories

Perfectly pastel

Pastel palettes are becoming an increasingly popular trend in bathrooms because of the soft and soothing feel they bring to otherwise dull spaces. The serenity of pastels in bathrooms has become associated with self-care, making them the perfect choice if you are aiming for a tranquil aesthetic.

Maximise light and add freshness in your bathroom with beautiful blush pink pastel tones, like those in the blush pink Koros range. Or, if you fancy something a little more understated whilst still achieving a serene Spring-time aesthetic, opt for the sage grey Koros range.

pastel accessoriespastel accessoriespastel accessoriespastel accessories

Cool contrasts

Contrasting colours can generate real impact in your bathroom. Using two shades on opposite ends of the colour wheel, such as bright whites with bold blues, adds depth to your space whilst creating a striking appearance that’ll be sure to draw the eye of any house guest.

Dare to be bold in your bathroom with our contrasting white and anthracite Koros bathroom accessories. The neutral white tones will add much-needed light to the room, whilst the bold pop of anthracite will add dimension. Go for the full matching range for optimal impact.

contrasting bathroom accessoriescontrasting bathroom accessoriescontrasting bathroom accessoriescontrasting bathroom accessories

Trendy terrazzo

Trend alert – the once-popular terrazzo is making a comeback. Terrazzo became popular in the 1970’s due to its unique look that incorporates marble fragments into concrete. The craze is now back and taking centre stage in bathrooms as an earthier, more textural continuation of the original concrete look.

Due to its versatile nature, terrazzo is an ideal option for both modern and traditional bathrooms, as it can be paired with almost any style. Combine our Elland terrazzo effect bathroom accessories, such as a soap dish and toothbrush holder, with a woven laundry bin for total texture in your bathroom.  

terrazzo bathroom accessoriesterrazzo bathroom accessoriesterrazzo bathroom accessoriesterrazzo bathroom accessories

Blissfully bohemian

With search volumes for bohemian bathrooms almost tripling since last year, the Scandi-boho aesthetic is undeniably where it’s at. It’s never been easier to create a calming, minimalist space in your bathroom – just think neutral colours and earthy materials.

Opting for classic natural textures in your bathroom, like bamboo and seagrass, is an instant way to add warmth and texture. These materials are also hardwearing and timeless, meaning they’ll be on-trend in your bathroom for years to come.

You can achieve bohemian bathroom bliss by mixing and matching accessories from our new ranges. We recommend combining the Bonetta seagrass laundry bin with the sleek white gloss and bamboo accessories in the Cervia range for ultimate Scandi serenity.

boho bathroomboho bathroomboho bathroomboho bathroom

Mastering monochrome 

Monochrome decor is more than just black and white. It uses varying tones of one colour to bounce light, not only making a room appear larger, but creating a timeless, chic look. Incorporating monochrome decor and accessories in your bathroom is a great way to create harmony whilst achieving ultimate elegance and sophistication.

Channel the magic of monochrome in your bathroom by infusing bold patterns with base colour surfaces. We love the monochrome look achieved in the image below by mixing the quirky patterns of the Blenny accessory range with the simplicity of the black Kina range.

monochrome bathroommonochrome bathroommonochrome bathroommonochrome bathroom

Glassy greens

We’re in love with the revamped glass bottle decor trend. The deep green hues of these delicate glass accessories will create a timeless vintage aesthetic in any bathroom. These stylish mid-century modern accessories are not only a must-have for traditional bathrooms, but they also create a chic contrasting look in modern bathrooms too.

You can create your own calming apothecary-style bathroom with the Tanera green glass range, featuring soap dispensers, tumblers, and soap dishes. Combine these classic glass bathroom accessories with a quirky patterned bathroom tile for a shabby-chic-meets-modern look.

green glass accessoriesgreen glass accessoriesgreen glass accessoriesgreen glass accessories

Marvel with marble

Is there anything more luxurious than marble? If you’re looking to achieve a high-end, sophisticated look in your bathroom, look no further than marble accessories. Because of its lavish look, you can be sure that marble will be on trend for years to come.

For the ultimate high-end aesthetic in your bathroom, we recommend combining our Elland marble effect accessories with a stylish gold effect tap and marble tiles. Or, if you’re aiming for something a little more daring, pair your marble effect accessories with black accents. We recommend the Aetna black laundry bag and the Cavally black tap.

marble accessoriesmarble accessoriesmarble accessoriesmarble accessories

It’s true what they say – the devil is in the detail. Whether you’re going for chic and classy, or big and bold, the details matter. Shop our new bathroom accessory ranges today to create a stylish sanctuary of your own.

new bathroom accessoriesnew bathroom accessoriesnew bathroom accessoriesnew bathroom accessories