Grow something new this spring

Let's grow again

Emerging from winter has never before felt quite like this, collectively coming out of a long hibernation. The new shoots are more symbolic and budding flowers so uplifting. We’re introducing over 340 new varieties of plants to our stores this year. Because if this year needs anything, it’s the hope that comes with new leaves, and petals. Grow a plot that’ll give back with our refreshed range of fruit, veg and herbs or plant something to last with our new range of hardy plants. Fresh colours, tastes, shapes, all creating a bright new landscape in your garden – yes, spring is here.

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Breathe new life into your garden

Our horticultural team have been busy finding the very best new plants for your gardens. Whether you’re getting your hands dirty for the first time or you’re a green-fingered guru, we’ll walk you through what’s new.

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New blooms

Thankfully, spring colours of all shades are for everyone. Grow them here, there, and everywhere you possibly can – hanging baskets, borders, or something kitsch-like in little teacups for the garden table. It really is the instant colour we all need.

So, what flowers have our team been focusing on?

Celebrate all that’s new with borders that overflow with vibrant vibes. An all-time favourite we can’t get enough of are violas, so they now come in packs of 20.

Later on, the pansy cats with intricate veining catch your eye. Add the new pansy cool wave to hanging baskets, or outdoor shelves; the plentiful cascade of flowers will make you smile.

We’re always optimistic about the sun making an appearance, but you can plant your own little bursts of sunshine in the shape of the vibrant purple and orange cape daisy, flowering from May to September. Add more striking colour and brightness with plants like our New Guinea impatiens.

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Our favourite new plants

We all have those plants that are the centrepieces of our gardens, reliably popping up year after year. In spring, you eagerly anticipate their return when buds begin to burst. So, it’s a real treat to add a new gem to your spring unveiling. We have over 300 perennials in our range to choose from, along with lots of wonderful new plants too.

Roses are a classic. You’re probably thinking romance and sophistication, but with 145 varieties, including bushes, climbing, patio and gift celebration roses, you can find the one to suit your style. We also have 10 varieties of standard rose, perfect for creating a grand entrance on your doorstep.

Lonicera (honeysuckle) is another welcome addition to the collection. The sweet-smelling flowering vine can twist and twine around doorways, over fences and frames. Be creative with training, although make sure they have a bit of shade and prune them back annually.

If you’re into something more unusual looking, the feathery brush-like callistemon offers vibrant red flowers throughout summer and evergreen foliage to spare you from a sad and bare winter garden.

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New fruit and vegetables

Feasting your eyes on all that colour is lovely, but picking your home-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs is a real feel-good moment for any gardener. Secretly munching them straight from the branches, chopping them into salads, sharing them with family (and Instagram) – yummy! You feel like a proper gardener when you’ve grown your own.

There are 353 fruit, vegetables, and herbs to choose from, but at the beginning of the season, it’s all about getting the fruit plants in and established. We have apple, pear, cherry, and plum trees, along with many varieties of strawberries, to give you fresh crops all season long.

Herbs and vegetables come next. We have various starter veg packs and pots of tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beans, peas, and beetroot.

Why not try our grafted vegetables? These have been carefully grown to combine strong disease-resistant roots with heavy cropping varieties. Choose from cucumber, chilli, pepper, tomato, and aubergine.

Our new range of patio fruit bushes include raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry and are great for a smaller patch or to grow in pots.

Who else is excited? We’re here, we’re garden ready. Hello spring! 

spring garden ideasspring garden ideasspring garden ideasspring garden ideas