Internal Walls & Ceiling Advice

Find out how to renew and repair walls and ceilings with our help and advice. If you have a cracked ceiling, or you’ve found a hairline crack in your wall – it’s best to do something about it quickly before it gets any worse. Our expert guides will show you how to repair cracks in walls, including plasterboard repair and filling holes in plasterboard. If you need extra space in your home, you could separate a bedroom into two by building a stud-partition wall – our how-to guide will show you how it's done. You’ll find out how to make the frame for a stud partition wall, fill the frame, cut plasterboard and how to fix plasterboard. So, whether you’re building a new internal wall, dry lining a wall or need help with ceiling and plaster repair, you’re in good hands with our ceiling wall repair and building advice.

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