Gutter & Roof Repair Advice

Keep your roof and gutters in good condition to avoid any leakages or blockages in the home. Whether you have a flat, gable, hip roof, or pitched roof – we’ll show you how repair a leaking roof. Our step-by-step guides include guidance on patching a tear in your roof felt, replacing broken roof tiles, and replacing a roof slate tile. As well as helping you with your roof fix – find out how to care for your fascias and guttering. Have you got a leaking gutter? There could be loads of different reasons why, we’ll help you to understand what’s causing the leak and if needed, we’ll help you repair your guttering. Find out how to clean a gutter to stop gunk from building up and causing blockages. We’ve also got expert advice on gutter replacement – read our guide for information on different types of guttering, as well as a step-by-step run through on removing guttering, fitting guttering, and fitting a new downpipe.

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