En-suite bathroom ideas

An extra bathroom for busy family life

A busy household can always benefit from an extra bathroom, particularly if you have teenagers who like long showers and their own space. Create your own personal oasis away from the rest of the house with our innovative en-suite bathroom solutions.

Long day at work? Or perhaps a hectic afternoon with the children? If you’re lucky enough to have extra space in your home, having an en-suite is the perfect way to shut off from the world after a busy day. That’s why we’ve shared our best tips and tricks for making your en-suite your own serene sanctuary.

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en-suite ideasen-suite ideasen-suite ideasen-suite ideas

Discover en-suite design


Quadrant shower enclosures are an excellent alternative to traditional square enclosures as they fit into the corner of the room, taking up minimal space. They are the perfect choice for bathrooms where space is at a premium – like en-suites which tend to be smaller than usual bathrooms.

Not only are quadrant showers versatile and space-saving, but they’re also a stylish option for any modern bathroom. We recommend opting for a black framed pentagonal enclosure, like those in the Ezili range, if you’re looking to achieve a cool, industrial aesthetic in your en-suite.


Whether you have a small or large en-suite, every one should feature a stylish toilet. Short projection, corner, and wall hung toilets are ideal for en-suites where space is limited. If you are looking for a toilet that oozes elegance, why not go for a back-to-wall toilet with a chic black toilet seat?

Basins and taps

The basin is a focal point of any bathroom, so it’s important to choose one that complements your space. If your en-suite is short on square footage, opt for a semi-recessed basin. These stylish basins are mounted into bathroom units, making them ideal for en-suites as they take up minimal space. Top tip: pair a slim Veleka vanity unit with a semi-recessed basin to really make the most of your space.

No basin is complete without a statement tap. If you’re looking to achieve a period look in your en-suite, consider pairing a traditional basin pillar tap with a full pedestal basin. Psst - don’t forget to check the number of basin tap holes and the suitable water pressure of the taps before you buy!  

traditional bathroom taptraditional bathroom taptraditional bathroom taptraditional bathroom tap

Walls and floors

Want to add texture and depth to your en-suite? Top tip: add contrasting colours to the walls. We recommend contrasting half height white ceramic wall tiles with a deep blue textured wallpaper to provide the illusion of space whilst adding depth to the room.

When it comes to flooring, light tones and natural textures are bang on trend. Our Travertine floor tiles are perfect for smaller en-suite spaces, with light tones that make the room appear larger and a textured stone effect that adds a superior, luxury feel to the room.

textured wallpaper


Our slimline storage options, such as the Ladoga units, are a great way to maximise limited space – making them ideal for smaller en-suites. Wall-hung options like those in the Avela range also free up floor space for the smaller bathroom.

If you have a larger en-suite, choose freestanding furniture options, such as those in the Perma range, to add a dash of character to your space. Mix and match wall and floor units to make them unique to your room.


Placing an illuminated mirror above the sink is ideal for brightening up an area that is lacking natural light, and the illumination makes it perfect for pampering routines. Our illuminated mirrors even come with a demist function, so no more steamy mirrors!

Complete your en-suite sanctuary with unique bathroom accessories. We have a number of new ranges to suit your space, from perfect pastels to magnificent monochromes. Achieve a traditional-meets-modern-chic space like in the image below with the rippled glass accessories in the Cavalla range.  

en-suite styleen-suite styleen-suite styleen-suite style

A bathroom to be proud of

An extra bathroom is a real bonus for any household. There’s no more fighting to use the bathroom, and both parents and teenagers get their own personal space. If you don’t currently have an en-suite area in your home, our easy to build wood partitions are a great way to add privacy and create a showering zone that’s separated from your sleeping space.

Our installation service

Don't want to do it yourself? We can help. We work with approved installers to help coordinate your bathroom project from start to finish. Our range of flexible finance options means you can find a plan to suit you. We also provide a 2-year workmanship guarantee for peace of mind. Find out more about our installation service and book a free planning appointment to get started.