Bathroom & Kitchen Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Looking for cheap flooring ideas? Vinyl flooring is easy to clean, versatile, and an affordable option compared to real wood, stone tiles, or laminate flooring. Learn more about our different types of vinyl flooring and discover the best ways to lay sheet vinyl and how to lay vinyl floor tiles. Vinyl flooring works well in the bathroom, as it’s water resistant, super easy to maintain and keep clean and is available in loads of attractive designs. So, if you’re looking for bathroom vinyl flooring ideas, we’ll help you pick the perfect option for your bathroom. Vinyl is a popular choice in the kitchen for many reasons – it’s softer, warmer, and a lot quieter than other flooring options, and it’s easy to wipe away any food spillages or splashes. Did you know that vinyl flooring is slip resistant too? Making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms that are prone to getting wet. Browse our vinyl kitchen flooring ideas and pick a gorgeous style for your kitchen space. Our expert guides and top tips will help you create the perfect finish with vinyl flooring.