How to prepare for guests this Christmas

Spruce up the house and get ready to play host

Have you got visitors planned this festive season? With more people in your house over the holidays, optimising space becomes really important, as well as making sure your houseguests are as comfortable as possible.

Our top tips will not only make sure that your home is warm and welcoming but also perfectly functional. For advice and ideas on setting your dining table for guests this Christmas, check out our handy how to guide.

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Tips for making your visitors feel welcome

Clear the clutter

We all use our spare rooms as makeshift storage spaces. Anything we’re not using – summer clothes, coats and extra bedding can all find their way into rooms that are not used every day. When guests are due, you’ll need somewhere to stash all the unwanted clutter quickly.

Compactor vacuum bags are a brilliant way to store away clothing and bedding. Simply place your stuff into the bags, suck all the air out with your vacuum cleaner and then pack them away. The size of your items will be greatly reduced and can then be stored away in the airing cupboard, under the bed or in the loft.

Plastic boxes are another way to hide away your belongings when you have guests. Place your items inside them and pop them on a shelf or under the bed. Check out the Kaze storage boxes. Boxes are available in a variety of sizes and they're nestable and stackable so they can fit in your home neatly.

how to prepare for xmas guests

Get the spare room ready for guests

When you have people to stay, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. Making sure that your guest bedroom has everything they may need is the ideal way to make your visitors feel instantly welcome.

Make sure that guests have got enough storage in the room they are staying in. Add a clothes rail if a cupboard will take up too much space, and be sure to leave them some hangers. Providing a freestanding towel rail like this GoodHome Koros towel rail gives your guests somewhere to hang and dry their towels, helping you keep the bathroom clear.

Accessories can also make your guests feel well taken care of. Adding a bin and a mirror will make your spare room feel more homely - it also means guests can get ready comfortably. If you’ve got a hard floor you could put down a rug to stop bare feet getting cold.

Before your guests come to stay, check that all the light bulbs in the spare room work. Our spare rooms go unused most of the year, so it’s easy to miss a dead bulb. Adding a bedside lamp is also a nice touch. It will allow your guests to get comfortable in bed and even read for a while without having the inconvenience of having to move across a room to turn out the light.

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Be ready for surprise guests

We’ve all been there, you have such a lovely evening that time disappears and all of a sudden it’s too late to drive home. Or maybe the weather gets out of hand and suddenly you have to find room for someone at short notice. If you’ve got a house full, having a guest bed to hand will make accommodating surprise guests a breeze. Simply find a quiet spot in your home, put the bed up and you’re done.

Our guest beds just need to be folded down and they are ready to be used. With a range of comfortable mattresses ranging from pocket sprung to memory foam, as well as a choice of single or double sizing, there will be something to suit you and your home. Plus, they can easily be folded up and protected with a guest bed cover and stored in the loft or garage out of the way until you need them next.

As well as ensuring that they have their own bed, you also want to make sure that you have enough pillows, duvets and bedding to cater for each and every guest. That way, even if they are a last minute addition, you can still make them feel welcome.

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Make room for extra stuff

When there are more people in your home than usual, it can get cluttered really quickly with luggage, clothing and all the extra toys for the kids. Not to mention all the space needed for presents once Santa has been! Adding a few storage solutions to your home can help keep everything organised – ensuring that everyone knows where their stuff is and your home stays as neat as possible.

Adding extra hat and coat hooks near your front door is one really easy way to keep your house tidy from the minute your guests arrive. If you’ve got kids coming to visit you could give each of them their own stackable basket in a specific colour to keep their toys in. This not only makes tidying up after playtime quick and easy, it will help to stop any fights about whose toy is whose.

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Spruce up the bathroom

Bathrooms will be in regular use when your guests are visiting so it's important to keep on top of them. Don't forget to put out hand towels and if your visitors are spending the night they might need a bath towel. Consider a bathroom caddy or basket for them to put their toiletries in. Being prepared with additional storage options will help you to keep small, communal areas like the bathroom clutter-free, helping you optimise space.

As well as giving the bathroom a deep clean ready for guests, now is a great time to make little changes to your bathroom accessories that can give the space a new lease of life. Take a look at our range of bath mats, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and more to see which option best complements your bathroom. Finally, replacing a tired or rickety toilet seat is a quick way to freshen up your bathroom and ensure your guests are comfortable wherever they sit in your house!

For more tips and ideas for revamping your bathroom, head to our how to guide, Bathroom refresh ideas.

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Keep everyone warm and cosy

During the winter months, getting the temperature in your house just right for everybody can be tricky. Instead of messing around with the thermostat, why not place throws and blankets strategically round your living spaces and bedrooms? That way, if your guests are feeling a bit chilly, they can wrap up and makes themselves extra snuggly when they need to.

Want to choose festive options? We love this Lulu Grey Fleece Throw with its soft and snug texture. Or for a cosy Christmas-themed throw, our Skandi Chenille Woven Throw is perfect for keeping your guests warm.

If you’re concerned about running out of seats, get some extra cushions or bean bag cubes. These make great improvised seating and will mean that everyone can sit together to watch TV, play games or just chat.

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