Kitchen refresh ideas

Give your kitchen a facelift for a fraction of the cost

Solving homework problems or putting the world to rights, the kitchen is so much more than a place for three meals. It’s a hotspot for table workers, cats and dogs, keen chefs, and entertainers. And where some of life’s greatest moments are served. When we spend so much time in the kitchen, we can get sick of looking at the same old cupboards and surfaces.

So, start the new year right with a fresh, updated, modern kitchen – but without needing to hammer the credit card! Thankfully, creating a new look in your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Transformations can often be quick and simple – and most don’t need a lot of tools. We’re talking low mess, low fuss, and maximum impact. These are all easy jobs you can do in a day (or afternoon), with sustainable, sensible choices that look the part.

Grab your supplies, let’s get started!

kitchen refresh ideas

It starts with storage

Install smart, savvy storage so you can easily find everything you need. With our wall mounted storage, you can keep all your utensils, knives and lids out of the way when you don’t need them.

Our Pebre pull out storage is easy to fit and a real lifesaver. It will stop you from blindly reaching to the back of the cupboard for the last tin of baked beans. And you may not think you need one, but a cutlery tray is a kitchen essential – trust us. Teaspoons can be as elusive as odd socks, but with a cutlery tray you’ll be able to keep an eye on any straying spoons…

Don’t forget you can also save space and smarten up with a multi-compartment bin. Our Kora bins will take care of your rubbish and recycling – all in one slimline unit. For extra freshness, look out for helpful features like odour absorbers.

kitchen storage ideas

Shine bright

Hang our fashionable cluster pendants above a kitchen island, breakfast bar or dining table for extra light (and style). On a more practical note, under cabinet LED lights are ideal for illuminating your worktop when you’re washing dishes or chopping vegetables. Our designer-look lighting will transform your kitchen without the designer price tag.

lighting at b&q

Embrace the dark side

Ditch magnolia and boring beige. It’s time to show your passion for moody, dramatic colours. Navy blue, olive green and deep plum are all the rage right now – and we’re here for it. Brass effect taps and accessories stand out beautifully against a dark background. Give your kitchen a fresh coat with our GoodHome durable kitchen paint. It’s grease-repellent, easy to clean and most of all – inexpensive.

Not ready to come over to the dark side just yet? Why not test the waters with a two tone kitchen? Paint your top cupboards in a light colour and your bottom cupboards in a darker colour.

kitchen paint cabinets

Metallic makeover

Swap out tired handles, switches, and taps for contemporary brushed chrome or copper. A fresh new drawer handle or kitchen tap will give your kitchen an instant facelift and takes less than an hour to do. A low-fuss job for a high impact look!

chrome effect kitchen taps

Bring life into the kitchen

Bring the joys of the outdoors in and introduce some life into your kitchen with our houseplants range. It’s proven that access to green spaces can enhance your happiness. Greenery can boost your mood and improve physical well-being. We’ve carefully curated a range of houseplants that are visually striking and simple to care for – our Boston fern is ideal for the kitchen as it loves a humid area and doesn’t like direct sunlight.

Make the most of ‘dead’ wall space by planting a living wall with fresh herbs you can use in recipes. To create a living herb wall, attach pots or containers to the wall using hooks or use rope to hang pots from the ceiling. You could even use macrame plant hangers – they’re bang on trend and easy to do yourself. Plant your favourite herbs and you’ll have a gorgeous green wall in no thyme…

herb wall kitchen

Door swap

Ready to go further? Switch old cupboard doors with new ones for a fresh kitchen without the expense of ripping out your old one. If you’re after a contemporary style, we’ve got high-gloss doors with integrated handles. Or if you’d prefer a more traditional look, we think our classic solid oak doors should do the trick.

change kitchen cabinet doors

Splashbacks (that make a splash)

Splashbacks protect your kitchen walls from messy splatters and grease stains. Replace yours for a quick, easy, and affordable kitchen update. Our trendy splashbacks won’t take longer than an afternoon to fit, and they’ll totally transform the look of your kitchen. Blend into the background with a neutral colour or stand out from the crowd with a bold red or copper colour – it’s totally up to you.

kitchen splashbacks b&q

Add stylish home accessories

Thought decorative accessories were just for your living room? Think again. Adding a beautiful vase for fresh cut blooms, lanterns to accompany a candlelit dinner or decorative ornaments for a personal touch will make a house feel like a home.

kitchen refresh ideas

Replace blinds and curtains

Window coverings aren’t just a practical choice in the kitchen, they can also be a great way to add colour and texture too. We love day and night blinds that give more control over the light and privacy in your room.

update kitchen curtains blinds

Update your appliances

Still using your white goods from the early 2000s? It’s recommended to replace your fridge freezer after 15 years, and the average life expectancy of a washing machine is 11 years. Consider updating the basic appliances in your kitchen for an all-round smoother experience.

best kitchen appliances

Hang a masterpiece

Want to add some colour to your kitchen without breaking out the paintbrushes? We have a wide selection of artwork to add colour and character. For family kitchens, frame kids’ masterpieces to create a fun gallery wall. For speedy results try Command picture hanging strips – no tools required.

wall art b&q

Add a feature wall

Why not cover a corner of the wall with a brick effect wallpaper, or paint with a colour that complements the style of your kitchen? If your room is used for different purposes, try zoning it with paint and wallpaper to highlight the different areas.

kitchen wallpaper ideas

Upgrade the essentials

Give your kitchen sink a little love and ditch grubby, tired, and dated tools. New dish drainers, washing up bowls and other accessories can make your kitchen feel fresher and cleaner – and can help make better use of space.

kitchen sink ideas

Keep up to date

It’s even easier to create a chalkboard effect with chalkboard paint or sticky back plastic. Breathe new life into an old picture frame by creating a message board that’s perfect for daily reminders – and a great spot for kids to get creative.

kitchen organisation tips

Get crafty with sticky back plastic

Forget the sticky back plastic of your childhood – today’s products are stylish, durable, and perfect for quick makeovers. Add a pop of colour to tired cabinet interiors and exteriors, refresh storage jars and containers or transform your kitchen windows with contemporary films that help to diffuse light and add privacy.

kitchen sticky back plastic ideas

Scrub up

Sometimes a spring clean is all it needs to get your kitchen gleaming and looking new again. Gone are the days of back-breaking scrubbing – our range includes innovative products that’ll help to make light work of tricky tasks like oven cleaning, as well as specialist cleaners to bring out the best in metal, wooden and tiled surfaces.

kitchen cleaning

Revive grouting between tiles

Kitchens can be tricky places to keep clean. Food splashes and spills, moisture and heat can all take their toll on surfaces, and delicate grout can often look tired, quickly. Revive your grouting with a grout pen, which helps to cover up stains that no amount of scrubbing can shift.

kitchen refresh grout

Replace the cooker hood filter

Cooker hoods do much more than keep steam and cooking smells at bay. They help to prevent greases and fats from foods being circulated and keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Replace or scrub your cooker filter regularly to inject a breath of fresh air into your kitchen.

cooker hoods b&q

Get smart

Create a smarter kitchen that’s a whole lot easier to use by making the most of our smart technology. If you have a smart speaker like an Amazon Echo or Google Nest you can give it instructions, such as to set a timer or convert recipe book measurements. We sell smart plugs, thermostats, smoke alarms and other gadgets that’ll make your kitchen smarter than ever. For more ideas on creating a smart kitchen, check out our article jam-packed with advice.

smart kitchen ideas