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The tired hallway

Create a welcoming hallway for the perfect first impression

When it’s the first thing that welcomes your guests or greets you at the end of a long day, it feels a whole lot nicer when your hallway is bright and airy – so we’ve combined elements from paint to tiles, lighting to doors to create a welcoming entrance space.

create a welcoming hallway for the perfect first impression

GoodHome Pimlico durable walls and ceilings paint 2.5L and GoodHome Hempstead walls and ceiling paint 2.5L

  • This paint is great for protecting your walls against stains, crayons or mucky handprints as it can be washed, or scrubbed depending on the chaos of your hallway

Konkrete 30 x 60 cm floor tile

  • In your hallway you want something durable that’s hardwearing enough, and these tiles are the perfect addition to cope with the footfall

Colours brushed chrome LED adjustable recessed downlight

  • Ditch the dullness by switching pendant lights to spotlights to help brighten up your space

Just because you might not be too creative, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a contemporary looking home. By bringing colour halfway up the wall and keeping it to one section, it helps create an illusion of space and light. Using the warming durable paint in Pimlico shade on the bottom half of the wall means mucky fingerprints can be easily wiped away. The tiled flooring prepares the hallway for the chaos of rush hour and almost looks like poured concrete on the floor.

Create a welcoming space

When beginning a decorating project, we often forget to look at how our walls and floors work together. This hallway has mixed the cold floor with the warm walls which create this contrast. If your hallway is quite light and airy, try flipping the Pimlico and the white to create more of a moody, high-end impact. And by only painting one half of the wall, if you change your mind a few years later it can easily be updated – and it’ll be a lot quicker compared to a whole wall. Remember paint doesn’t have to be a permanent decision, so play around with colours and see what works for you and your space.

If you have enough children’s artwork to fill a gallery space, why not create a gallery space in your hallway? Put 1 or 2 prints in frames, create a montage with larger drawings, or show their favourite pieces and paint coloured emulsion behind to create a frame. It’s a great way to show off your kid’s art whilst creating a clean, modern look.

A hallway to be proud of