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What pole for eyelet curtains?

Although all curtain poles are technically suitable, the recommended curtain pole for eyelet curtains is a 28mm diameter rod. Typically, an eyelet, or a grommet as they’re often referred to, is 40mm in diameter, making a 28mm pole ideal for the smooth gliding of these curtains. To ensure effortless opening and closing of the curtains, we suggest metal curtain poles; in comparison to alternative materials, they typically draw back more smoothly due to their sleek surface.

What is the longest curtain pole?

The longest curtain pole available to purchase in one piece is 3m. They’re suitable for extra wide windows spanning more than 3m, as you can use a curtain pole connector to combine 2 or more poles to span the area. This is also a popular technique for a layered curtain look, or for creating a seamless wall hanging in a large space.

Where to hang curtain pole?

There are three important factors to consider when choosing where to hang your curtain poles:
Height – we recommend positioning the pole 10-15cm above the window. This creates the illusion of taller windows, elongating the room.
Width – we recommend extending the pole at least 10cm or longer on each side. This will ensure no natural light is blocked when the curtains are fully opened, allowing maximum light exposure when required.
Supports – take into consideration the length and weight of the pole, as well as the curtains being hung, when choosing brackets. Always refer to the instructions provided with your curtain pole for the most accurate guidance.
Follow along with our article ‘How to put up curtains & blinds’ for an easy step-by-step guide.