15 swoon worthy splashback ideas for your kitchen

By Ellie Reeves | 26th June 2023 | 5 min read

Some call them splashbacks, others call them backsplashes. We don’t mind what you call them, just as long as your kitchen has one. Not only do they protect your kitchen walls, but they’re also a great way of adding colour and style to your kitchen’s décor.

With so many irresistible styles to choose from, deciding just one can feel like an almost impossible task. Admittedly, we’re probably not making it any easier by showing you all of these gorgeous splashbacks. But then again, who doesn’t love options?

From blush pink metro tiles to trendy geometric patterns, cast your eyes on our pick of the best kitchen splashback ideas.

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subway tile splashbacksubway tile splashbacksubway tile splashbacksubway tile splashback

Splashback ideas for kitchens

1. Hello herringbone!

If you’re new to herringbone, it’s the pattern that is formed when you lay rectangular tiles in staggered zig zags. It’s named so for its resemblance to fish bones (you learn something new every day). From farmhouse to minimalist, herringbone pairs wonderfully with a range of styles. Recreate the look yourself using our metro tiles or get your hands on our grey and white herringbone Splashwall panel.

herringbone splashbackherringbone splashbackherringbone splashbackherringbone splashback

2. Pretty in pink

Make your kitchen stand out from the rest with a beautiful pink splashback. This cheerful hue has been on everyone’s radar this year. Not only has it taken over our kitchens, but our bathrooms and bedrooms too. And we’re totally here for it! Get the look yourself with our Trentie tiles in blush pink or Vernisse tiles (available in rectangle or square) in mauve chalk.

splashback ideas pinksplashback ideas pinksplashback ideas pinksplashback ideas pink

3. Next holiday destination: Your kitchen

Quench your wanderlust with our stunning Diriana multicolour mosaic tiles. We just know you’ll love these exotic tiles as much as we do. With their intricate patchwork design, these mesmerising mosaics will bring a warm and colourful glow to your kitchen. For a more understated look, why not use our Diriana patterned tiles in black and white?

mosaic splashbackmosaic splashbackmosaic splashbackmosaic splashback

4. Come to the dark side

Black and gold has been climbing the style charts as of late, together, and independently. Warm metallics such as gold and brass stand out spectacularly well against a dark shade. This splashback is made up of our hexagon shaped Delicato mosaic tiles. Creating a look that is smart, sleek, and effortlessly chic.

splashback ideas black goldsplashback ideas black goldsplashback ideas black goldsplashback ideas black gold

5. Shape things up

An eye-catching geometric splashback will keep the attention on your walls, and off your messy worktops (not speaking from experience or anything…). Geometrical patterns have been an extremely popular design trend for many years and won’t be going away anytime soon.

geometric splashback designgeometric splashback designgeometric splashback designgeometric splashback design

6. Under the sea

Look to the ocean for kitchen inspiration with our fish scale mosaic tiles. This refreshing design is a big contrast from classic tiles or single panel splashbacks. Our grey Kiwana and white Antova scalloped mosaics will bring an extra dimension to the look and feel of your kitchen.

scalloped tiles splashbackscalloped tiles splashbackscalloped tiles splashbackscalloped tiles splashback

7. Timeless white

White kitchens will never go out of style, they’re truly timeless and look gorgeous combined with any other colour. Pair with dark wood for a rustic feel, or with black accessories for a contemporary look. This charming kitchen splashback is made from our white Vernisse tiles laid in a vertical brick bond pattern, a modern twist on the classic brick bond pattern.

splashback ideas whitesplashback ideas whitesplashback ideas whitesplashback ideas white

8. Magnificent marble

Give your kitchen a facelift with a glamorous marble splashback. Not only does it look luxurious and expensive, but a natural material such as marble will bring a sense of calm to a chaotic kitchen. Get the look for less with our Glina or Trentie marble effect wall tiles, or why not opt for an affordable Splashwall panel in marble effect?

splashback ideas marblesplashback ideas marblesplashback ideas marblesplashback ideas marble

9. B&Q Loves: Art deco

Evoking the glamour and glitz of the roaring 1920s – our Glina art deco wall tiles will liven up any space. And because of their monochrome palette, you can combine them with a multitude of materials and colours. Tile the entire kitchen for a maximalist look, or keep it more toned down by only tiling behind high splash areas.

art deco splashback tilesart deco splashback tilesart deco splashback tilesart deco splashback tiles

10. Keep it simple with stainless steel

If you’re after a minimal look in your kitchen, stainless steel splashbacks are the way to go. They’re sleek, stylish, and really easy to keep clean – so you can spend less time cleaning and more time cooking and entertaining.

metallic splashbackmetallic splashbackmetallic splashbackmetallic splashback

11. Walnut wonder

Bring some Scandinavian chic to your kitchen with a gorgeous wooden effect splashback panel. This dark walnut effect geometric panel will make the perfect backdrop to your cooking area. Finish your kitchen look with gold or copper effect accessories, as they'll stand out beautifully against a dark wooden effect splashback.

wood splashbackwood splashbackwood splashbackwood splashback

12. Make a rustic statement

Looking for something a bit different? Add some character to your cooking area with these charming textured tiles. With an eye-catching design, these natural stone wall tiles will make a rustic statement in your kitchen.

stone splashbackstone splashbackstone splashbackstone splashback

13. Choose a calming blue

Bring some calm to the cooking chaos with a gorgeous blue splashback. This shimmering blue patterned backsplash from Laura Ashley lends itself to any kitchen décor style, whether you prefer a modern or more traditional look. Handmade in the UK, this geometric glass splashback will look beautiful in any kitchen.

blue splashbackblue splashbackblue splashbackblue splashback

14. B&Q Loves: Striped splashbacks

Enhance your kitchen décor with a striped kitchen splashback. Choose classic black and white for a timeless look, or vibrant colours for a bold vibe. Choose from large vertical lines to thin horizontal strips, there are loads of ways to incorporate stripes into your kitchen design. Make a lasting impression on guests and family with a stylish striped backsplash.

striped splashbackstriped splashbackstriped splashbackstriped splashback

15. Green dream

Transform the look of your culinary haven with a green kitchen splashback. Green is the colour of nature and new beginnings. Whether you prefer mint hues or vibrant emerald shades, it’s the ideal colour for inspiring you to experiment with recipes and cook exciting new dishes. From sleek green glass panels to textured tiles that tell a story, we have a range of options to match your unique style.

green splashbackgreen splashbackgreen splashbackgreen splashback

When it comes to deciding which kitchen splashback colour you want, think about the purpose you want it to provide. Dark splashback colours like black or dark grey are good for masking any stubborn stains. If you want to keep your kitchen décor modern and minimalistic, choose black, white, or grey for your kitchen splashback. If you want to use your splashback as an opportunity to add some interest to your kitchen, choose a bold shade such as green, blue, red, or yellow.

The wall behind a kitchen hob can easily become greasy and grimy from food and oil splashes. While a splashback is not required, it is highly recommended for a kitchen that is easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Not at all. Your splashback doesn’t need to match your kitchen worktop, you can choose a different colour, pattern, or style. In fact, choosing a different colour will help to create contrast to your kitchen décor.

Regularly clean your splashback with warm water, a cloth, and an antibacterial cleaner. We suggest giving your splashback a wipe down after each time you use your hob. By regularly cleaning your splashback, you won’t need to spend arduous hours scrubbing off grease and grime that has built up over time.