What's new in wallpaper: top trends for the season

By Laura Hill | 3rd October 2022 | 5 min read

Create change with these 9 wallpaper trends

Giving your home a touch of character is as easy as a quick lick of paint and a slick paste of wallpaper. You can create change this season by discovering our vibrant new wall paper designs, from iconic archival patterns to sleek contemporary designs.

Whatever room, whatever wall – think scenic murals, full scale patterns, an abundance of florals, bold botanicals, and dramatic graphics.  Ready to give your home the makeover it deserves? Choose from 230 new styles and the latest trends.

1.    Create the ultimate utopia with tropical prints
2.    Build your own animal kingdom 
3.    The magic of marble
4.    Stay classy with subtle prints
5.    Make a statement with embossed wallpaper
6.    Consider timeless patterns
7.    Our go-to colours for the season
8.    Be bold with daring dark tones
9.    Add texture with wood effect wallpaper

1. Create the ultimate utopia with tropical prints

Experience a vibrant touch of summer all year round with tropical print wallpaper. With cool palm trees and bold, contrasting colours, it's easy to see why tropical is the go-to trend this season. We recommend using this luscious leafy design as a feature wall in a dining area, pairing it with earthy tones, natural wood furniture, and blooming houseplants for the ultimate utopia. 

  • tropical print
  • tropical wallpaper
  • tropical print wallpaper

2. Build your own animal kingdom

Build your own animal kingdom at home with these chic animal print wallpapers. These playful animal designs inject a touch of fun into your space whilst creating a chic, laidback feel. Bring the wildlife to your home with one of our animal print wallpapers, paired with a funky monkey lamp and stylish gold home accessories.

  • animal print wallpaper
  • elephant print wallpaper
  • childrens animal print wallpaper

3. The magic of marble

If you're looking to achieve an elegant aesthetic in your home, opt for magical marble wallpaper. Marble effect wallpaper oozes luxury and creates a high-end look and feel without breaking the bank. If you consider yourself to be DIY-savvy, why not create luxury marble effect furniture with decorative marble film?

  • marble wallpaper
  • marble decorative film
  • gold marble wallpaper

4. Stay classy with subtle prints

Sometimes less is more when it comes to wallpaper designs. Subtle prints are a timeless trend that add texture and warmth to a space without overpowering the room. Our favourite classics are subtle floral prints on soft, neutral tones. Pair a classic print wallpaper with a luxury occasional chair for a classy, high-end look.

  • classy wallpaper
  • subtle print wallpaper
  • textured wallpaper

5. Make a statement with embossed wallpaper

Embossed wallpapers complete with fashion-forward designs are emerging as one of the biggest trends for 2022, and we can see why. The raised design of embossed wallpaper gives it texture, adding depth to your space, whilst designs such as this funky flamingo print add heaps of character. 

  • embossed wallpaper
  • embossed pink wallpaper
  • silver embossed wallpaper

6. Consider timeless patterns

Some wall patterns are simply timeless. We're loving the look of this green and gold patterned bee wallpaper, which features a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary. Pair with gold home accessories and velvet furniture for a totally timeless feel. Alternatively, if you're looking for something funky and fabulous, opt for a subdued yet striking zebra print wallpaper.

  • patterned bee wallpaper
  • animal print wallpaper
  • patterned wallpaper

7. Our go-to colours for the season

Natural, earthy tones are in this Autumn. Our go-to picks for the season are sophisticated shades of purple, sage greens, and cool, creamy concretes. If you prefer wallpaper over paint, opt for a simple yet stunning plain wallpaper, such as this Fresco winter tree duck egg blue wallpaper. Perfect for all four walls!

  • green wallpaper
  • purple wallpaper
  • plain wallpaper

8. Be bold with daring dark tones

Light, natural tones aren't for everyone. Make a statement with bold, dark tones and daring wallpaper designs. This season, we're loving the industrial look and feel of these dark brown wallpapers - perfect for adding a dash of elegance to your room. Pair a deliciously dark wallpaper with black  home furnishings and gold home accessories for a cool, industrial feel.

  • dark textured wallpaper
  • dark brown wallpaper
  • boutique brown wallpaper

9. Add texture with wood effect wallpaper

Wood panelling has become one of the hottest trends of 2022. Now you can add total texture to your room without having to reach for your toolbox with wood effect wallpaper. Easy and cost-effective, wood effect wallpaper is perfect for adding a natural aesthetic in your home. Simply pair your wood effect wallpaper with scattered cushions, draped throws, and houseplants to create a nature-inspired living space.

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