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Green bedroom ideas: 8 ways to use this uplifting shade in your home

By Ellie Reeves | 15th August 2022 | 6 min read

All the advice you need on decorating a green bedroom

Looking for some inspiration for your green bedroom? Just look out your window. From luscious lawns and tall trees to matcha lattes and pistachio gelato – every shade under the sun is out there.

There are a million and one ways you can incorporate green into your bedroom décor scheme. Be creative as you like – use green paint for glorious feature walls, upcycle old furniture or choose botanical wallpaper. Another reason we’re gaga for green? You can choose from a long list of accent colours, from deep purples and pinks to pops of yellow and orange.

So, whether you prefer forest green, sage, or emerald, we’ll help you embrace Mother Nature’s colour in your bedroom makeover.

Keep reading for bundles of green bedroom inspiration.

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green bedroom ideasgreen bedroom ideasgreen bedroom ideasgreen bedroom ideas
green bedroom moodboardgreen bedroom moodboardgreen bedroom moodboardgreen bedroom moodboard

Colour matchmakers – making your paint dreams come true

No matter what shade of green you’ve got your heart set on – you can get the exact colour mixed at B&Q. Whether you’re inspired by your olive-green trousers, or you’re smitten with the subtle shade of mint on your favourite plant pot – get any shade your heart desires mixed at your local B&Q store. Simply bring your dream colour into a store, place it under the scanner at the colour mixing desk and one of our store colleagues will create a bespoke colour just for you.

1. Create a botanical green bedroom

Bring a touch of the outdoors into your home with gorgeous botanical print wallpaper. We absolutely love how this leafy wallpaper has been made the focus point in this green and white bedroom set up. The crisp white bed sheets and furniture blend seamlessly into the background so that the wallpaper can take centre stage. From jungle-inspired prints to delicate floral patterns – we’ve got a huge variety of bedroom wallpaper to choose from.

floral green bedroomfloral green bedroomfloral green bedroomfloral green bedroom

2. B&Q loves: green wall panelling

Wall panelling is super on trend now, and for good reason – it’s versatile, stunning, and adds character to your home. You’ll be pleased to hear you can get the wall panelled look without having to get any power tools or dust sheets out. This gorgeous bedroom has been transformed into an elegant boudoir with green wood panel wallpaper.

green wood panellinggreen wood panellinggreen wood panellinggreen wood panelling

3. Boldly bohemian green bedroom

This dreamy boho bedroom set up is a feast for the eyes. Incorporating natural materials, soft lighting, houseplants, and a bold circular mural to top it all off. Shades of green, dark teal and pale blue have been combined to create a truly inviting and relaxing space. The dark wooden floor creates depth, whilst the mixture of rugs used on the floor and bench add warmth and texture. Total bedroom goals.

green bedroomsgreen bedroomsgreen bedroomsgreen bedrooms

4. Create a tranquil teal bedroom

Teal is a mesmerising deep blue-ish green. It’s a popular colour choice for bedrooms, and we’re hardly surprised. Teal is fresh, uplifting, and totally luxurious. This uplifting shade combines the soothing properties of blue with the energizing virtues of green to create a brand-new colour. Teal pairs wonderfully with shades of terracotta, burnt orange, and dusky pink.

teal bedroomsteal bedroomsteal bedroomsteal bedrooms

5. Play with tones and textures

Be open to experimenting with different textures, shapes, and styles. This bedroom combines dark green geometric wall panelling against pastel mint walls. Velvet emerald curtains add softness and depth, whilst the rattan style chair brings even more texture. Green soft furnishings and accessories help to complete the room.

green bedroomsgreen bedroomsgreen bedroomsgreen bedrooms

6. Totally on trend: pink and green bedrooms

Green and pink are a match made in heaven. There are plenty of ways you can combine pink and green in your bedroom, experiment with paint, wallpaper, furniture, and accessories. In this floral bedroom, a dusky pink throw has been draped over the bed. Yes, it may be a small addition to the room, but the blend of contrasting colours really helps to bring the room to life.

pink and green bedroomspink and green bedroomspink and green bedroomspink and green bedrooms

7. Mix and match patterns

This bedroom is brilliantly bold. Deep green rainforest-inspired wallpaper covers the walls, whilst a striped black and white rug adds even more depth to the room. Leaf art prints and houseplants have been dotted around to add to the tropical jungle theme. With a bedroom like this, you’ll wake up feeling energised and raring to go!

jungle bedroom ideasjungle bedroom ideasjungle bedroom ideasjungle bedroom ideas

8. Design a forest feature wall

Imagine sleeping in the woods surrounded by the gentle sound of whistling trees and tweeting birds. How about we bring the forest to you? This stunning forest mural helps to create the feeling of sleeping within nature. With hues of blues and greens, this watercolour style mural evokes the serenity of an enchanted woodland. Ensuring a calm, yet welcoming feel, this foggy forest is perfect for bringing a touch of tranquillity to your bedroom.

forest feature wallforest feature wallforest feature wallforest feature wall