All about Neva

Our easy to install Neva fencing is designed to make it easier for you to create an outdoor space you’ll love

If you’re after a private outdoor space, take a look at Neva, the modular solution with different panels, layouts and styles for you to play around with.

Putting up a fence can be one of life’s challenges, so we’ve designed a simpler way to do it.

Neva is easy to assemble panels, with a unique design and many colours. Created to work in harmony with your garden, making it easier to turn your outside space in to a place you love.

Neva modular fencing

Why choose Neva?

The panels have a contemporary design - choose from wood, composite, or aluminium panels in a variety of colours. The hard-wearing materials provide protection from the elements and ensure longevity.

The panels can be mixed and matched allowing for 100s of design possibilities so it’s easy to find a design to suit your taste. The panels are fitted with a set of grooves and slats that are a good fit for most types of grounds which makes the panels easy to assemble.

Neva modular fencing

Where you can use it

  • front
  • low wall
  • low fence
  • back
  • soft ground
  • hard ground
  • wall starting
  • pathway gate

What you can use it for

  • privacy
  • security
  • low maintenance
  • protection from the elements
  • easy installation
  • customisation

Choosing your Neva

Neva fencing is available in three colours; wood, dark grey or taupe. This modern colour palette will complement any garden or outdoor space.

all about neva - colour choices

When shopping for your Neva you’ll just need to choose your components. This includes posts, planks and panels, which will fit together to give you a custom fence. Because our Neva Fencing is modular, you can create lots of different styles to suit your garden. 

all about neva

Some ideas to get you started

Use Neva to divide your driveway from your garden

all about neva

Use Neva to create a privacy screen

all about neva

Use Neva to make a beautiful garden perimeter

all about neva