Neva Fencing Ideas & Advice

Looking for modular fencing to frame your outdoor space? Whether you need a small garden fence, or you’re looking for decorative fence panels – Neva is for you. If you’ve become tired of the same wooden fence panels you’ve had for decades – perhaps it’s time to switch things up and opt for modular garden fence panels that you can mix and match to suit your needs. At B&Q, we’re experts in fence design, we know what works and what doesn’t. Neva modern fence panels are super stylish and can be customised to your garden. Neva fencing is simple to plan, and you can combine different panels and posts for unique combinations. It is easy to put up your Neva fence and take it back down again, thanks to the grooves and slats. The reinforced composite material means that Neva fences are suitable for all weather conditions, including heavy rain and severe wind. Our helpful guides include advice on selecting, cutting, and installing Neva posts and fence panels.