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Bathroom furniture buying guide

Discover the full range of bathroom furniture and features to choose from

Whether you opt for wall-hung or floor-standing solutions, your choice of furniture is the key to getting your bathroom to look the way you want it. In a room where space is at a premium, it's vital to choose the right furniture to meet your storage needs and get the most out of every inch. Tall units, vanity units, vanity counters, wall cabinets, shelf systems, drawer units, there's so much to choose from. Our guide will help you choose the right furniture for your bathroom.

bathroom furniture buying guidebathroom furniture buying guidebathroom furniture buying guidebathroom furniture buying guide

Vanity units

The most important piece of furniture in your bathroom is the one that holds your washbasin, known as a vanity unit. Depending on whether you choose a countertop, or a recessed basin you can choose a vanity to support it.

The vanity unit is specially designed so that a washbasin can stand on it, sit in it or form an integral part of it. To give yourself some extra storage, choose one with built-in drawers.

Vanity units are generally sold as kits for simple DIY installation. They’re available in a wide range of styles, materials and dimensions.

Units with plain tops instead of washbasin placements are also available for storage. They’re ideal if you want matching furniture and need more storage space

Vanity unitsVanity unitsVanity unitsVanity units

Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets come in a wide range of models: simple, illuminated, medicine and mirror cabinets. Generally installed over the washbasin, these cabinets are ideal for storing toiletry products.

Tall units are a great way to create floor-to-ceiling storage space, and can incorporate a variety of drawers, compartments, shelves and mirrors. You can choose between carousel and static models, in wall-hung or floor-standing variants.

Bathroom cabinetsBathroom cabinetsBathroom cabinetsBathroom cabinets

Try wall hung cabinets, shelves, shelving units and cubes to provide useful storage space and add a touch of style to your bathroom.

These units come in many different types and sizes and can be fitted at whatever height you choose. They’re a great way to take advantage of the full height of your walls for storage.

Floor-standing drawer units provide practical storage in two or more drawers.

These units are typically 60cm wide, 49cm deep and between 87 and 90cm high. For a more harmonious look, choose a drawer unit that matches your vanity unit.

wall hung cabinetswall hung cabinetswall hung cabinetswall hung cabinets

Modular furniture

Transform your bathroom life with the Imandra bathroom furniture range, the beautifully clever answer to bathroom organisation. Choose from contemporary designs and stunning colours to create a bathroom packed with style and function.

Select your furniture components from cabinets to vanity's from the range to create a beautiful seamless look.

Modular furnitureModular furnitureModular furnitureModular furniture

Multi-purpose furniture

Some items of furniture are fitted with accessories that combine different functions, eliminating the need for additional furniture.

Smart storage systems combine features such as mirrors on doors, built-in power sockets, towel rails, side shelves, hair dryer racks and magnifying mirrors. Wall units, cabinets, full and half-height tall units are all available with built-in, compact equipment to meet your bathroom needs.

Multi-purpose furnitureMulti-purpose furnitureMulti-purpose furnitureMulti-purpose furniture

Bathroom mirrors

More than a simple accessory, the mirror is an essential item of furniture that brightens the bathroom, creates a sensation of space and adds a touch of style. There’s a huge choice: wall mirrors, cabinet door mirrors and mirrors with neon lights, spotlights or backlighting are just some of the types available.

Wall mirrors can adapt easily to all bathroom styles. They usually go over the washbasin but you can put them wherever you want. You’ll find square and rectangular models in a variety of sizes.

Depending on size, they can be anchored to the wall or stuck on with adhesive or even suction cups.


Bathroom mirrorsBathroom mirrorsBathroom mirrorsBathroom mirrors

Illuminated mirrors brighten up the space in front with a light that’s softer than a spotlight or suspension light. These days you’ll find extremely stylish illuminated mirrors with LED lighting and hyper-trendy backlit mirrors. The illuminating lights make it perfect for brightening up darker rooms or for bathrooms lacking natural light, creating an illusion of light and space.

Some models even incorporate a radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

Illuminated mirrorsIlluminated mirrorsIlluminated mirrorsIlluminated mirrors