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Choosing a wall covering for your bathroom

What's best for your bathroom: wall tiles or paint?

Today's bathrooms enjoy the full status of living-space. They offer plenty of scope for decoration to get them on-trend and match them to your interior design style, whether that's modern, industrial or inspired by nature. Check out our advice on tiling or painting your bathroom walls.

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Types of paint

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Bathrooms are bound to be humid, so they need an appropriate type of paint. Choose a paint that’s washable, water-resistant and anti-mould. To ensure a long-lasting finish, make sure your paint is also formulated for use on your type of wall: concrete, plaster, etc.

Oil-based paint is tough, waterproof and washable, so it’s a great choice for the bathroom.

Acrylic paint is a good alternative to oil-based, especially in bathroom renovation projects. It’s water-based, but it has many of the benefits of solvent-based alternatives, including toughness and easy cleaning.

Choice of colours

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You can use colour to create a sense of space and change the atmosphere of a bathroom. Choose whatever colours create the ambience you want.

Warm colours like yellow, orange and red are vibrant and help kick-start your day.

Cold colours like blue and green are more relaxing and create a cosier environment.

Using light colours like white in a small bathroom can create light and give the illusion of a larger space.