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How to tile a patterned border

Add an eye catching extra to your tiling

This handy guide will show you how to add a stylish patterned border to break up a plain wall, adding depth to your decor.

how to tile a patterned border 1

Measure the total length of the walls you're tiling.

Divide the length of the walls by the width of your chosen tile to find out how many tiles are needed. Allow another 25% extra to ensure there is enough left over to keep consistency with your chosen design. Remember to take into account the spaces in between each tile.

Sort through your packs of tiles, ensuring they are the same way round to create a consistent pattern

how to tile a patterned border 2

Ensure you are wearing protective clothing, including goggles and gloves, to protect against exposure to chemicals, dust or flying debris.

how to tile a patterned border 3

Step 1

Start on one side of the door closest to the doorframe. Apply enough adhesive for one or two tiles, combing the adhesive out with the notched edge of the trowel. The idea is to maintain to a consistent depth of adhesive so the tiles all sit at the same level on the wall.

how to tile a patterned border 4

Step 2

Press the first tile firmly into position. Remember to use spaces along the bottom and between each tile. Wipe up any excess adhesive before it dries and becomes difficult to remove.

how to tile a patterned border 5

Step 3

Check the level of the tiles as you go along. If the tiles are not level, adjust the spacing of them slightly as they need to be perfectly level for the tile trim to sit flush along the top.

Now you need to make sure you can fill the edges of your border in neatly.

how to tile a patterned border 6

Step 1

Measure the remaining gaps. Make sure you measure both the top and bottom of the gap as walls aren't always straight. Ensure the tiles are the right way round to continue the pattern on the wall.

how to tile a patterned border 7

Step 2

Mark the measurements minus 6mm, or minus the width of two of the spacers you are using.

how to tile a patterned border 8

Step 3

Line up the scoring wheel with your cut marks, glaze side up, and apply gentle pressure to score the tile. Press down on the handle to snap the tile on the cutting blade beneath.

how to tile a patterned border 9

Step 4

You can apply adhesive to the back of the tile if the placement area is too difficult for the trowel.

how to tile a patterned border 10

Step 5

Make sure you face the cut sides of the tile towards the corners or the floor to keep the edges looking neat.

The trim adds the perfect finish touch to your border.

how to tile a patterned border 11

Step 1

Measure and mark the lengths of the trim required. Cut the trim to the correct length using a hacksaw.

how to tile a patterned border 12

Step 2

Push the trim down firmly behind the top of the tiles so it sits flush along the top. Check the manufacturer's instructions on drying time and allow the adhesive to set fully.

You can choose a white grout, or something more colourful to make an impact, we even have glitter grout if you want some extra glam.

how to tile a patterned border 13

Step 1

Run a line of masking tape along the joining walls, floors or skirting boards before grouting the top and bottom edge of the tiles.

how to tile a patterned border 14

Step 2

Work the grout into every gap between the tiles using the grout spreader in a diagonal motion. You can use the edge to scrape up the excess and rework it. Use a just-damp sponge to keep the excess grout to a minimum while working so there will be less to scrub off later.

how to tile a patterned border 15

Step 3

When you've filled all the gaps, leave the grout to set for a few minutes before going over it with a sponge using the same diagonal motion to avoid pulling out the grout. Replace the water in the bucket regularly to keep your sponge clean.

how to tile a patterned border 16

Step 4

You should only be left with a powdery haze on the surface of the tiles, which can be polished off after about an hour with a dry cloth to reveal your stunning new design.