Plumbing Tips & Advice

Tackle problem plumbing and brush up on the basics with our handy step-by-step guides. If you’re looking for plumbing help, before calling a plumber we suggest that you have a look at our guides to find the solution you need. If you’ve got a leak under the kitchen sink, we’ll show you how to fix a burst pipe and repair a leaking pipe joint. Is your sink not draining properly? We’ll help you clear a blocked sink. Need some help and advice around pipes and fittings? We’ll show you how to cut pipes, bend pipes, connect pipes, and most importantly, how to clear blocked pipes. No water coming from your tap, and you can’t figure out why? No problem, we can help you work out why there is no water is flowing from your kitchen or bathroom tap. Sink not draining? Blocked drain outside? No matter what your plumbing concern is, we’ve probably got the answer. All pipes in your loft or under your ground floor are susceptible to freezing due to the extremely low temperatures. Our guide explains how to prevent your pipes from freezing, and in the case that they do freeze, we’ll show you how to fix a frozen pipe.

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