Radiators & central heating

Keeping your home cosy is essential, especially during the colder months - our advice will help you stay warm by fitting and maintaining radiators and central heating. Find out how a central heating system works and learn more about the difference between two-pipe, single-pipe systems and microbore systems. Fed up with the noises coming from your heating? We’ll show you how to fix a noisy central system. Our expert how-to guides include guidance on fitting new radiators to existing pipes, changing a radiator and a step-by-step walkthrough on how to bleed a radiator. We’ll also give you radiator positioning advice, answer common radiator questions, and explain in detail how a radiator works. So, if you’re not sure what a BTU is, or want to know what type of radiator valve you should buy – we’ve got the answers. If you’re looking for home energy saving tips, we’ve got plenty of advice for how to reduce your energy bill costs by conserving energy in the home.