How to replace a toilet seat

Give your bathroom a quick refresh with a new toilet seat

This guide will take you through removing your old toilet seat and installing a new one. It's best to read the manufacturer's instructions before you start this project as installation and fixings can vary. Ensure you are wearing protective clothing, including goggles and gloves, to protect against exposure to chemicals, dust, or flying debris.

Start by watching our great video guide below for a run through of everything you need to know.

How to replace a toilet seat



1. Measure the toilet

Measure from your toilet seat fixing point to the lip and then the width to find the dimensions needed for your new toilet seat.

Measure the toilet

2. Remove old toilet seat

For a back-to-wall toilet, your seat may have hidden fixings. Start by taking the seat off the hinges, levering off the cover plates, and remove the brackets.

Remove hidden fixings

3. Disinfect the area

Once you've removed the seat, clean the toilet area with disinfectant. Dry thoroughly to avoid any mould forming.

Disinfect the area

4. Put the nuts in place

Now you can unpack your new seat and fixings. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions. Drop the nuts through the holes in the toilet and use the screwdriver to tighten them in place.

Put the nuts in place

5. Replace the covers

Push the stainless steel covers over the brackets.

Replace the covers

6. Finish installing the seat

Slot the seat into place.

Finish installing the seat

Now you've replaced your toilet seat, why not tackle some other simple bathroom upgrades. Give your shower head a clean, fix your toilet flush, or upgrade your accessories.