Our favourite Spring bulbs to plant this Autumn

Your guide to planting Spring bulbs

As autumn nights start drawing in, and the garden begins to lose its summer shine, it is a perfect time to start planning your spring garden - braving the autumn chill will be well worth it when you can smugly show off your colourful garden to the world!

Wondering what to plant in Autumn? Here is our list of the 10 best Spring flowering bulbs to plant in Autumn…

Autumn bulbs for Spring flowersAutumn bulbs for Spring flowersAutumn bulbs for Spring flowersAutumn bulbs for Spring flowers

Spring flowering bulbs are a great way to add colour to borders. Tulips, daffodils and crocus make a cheerful statement in containers or planters and hyacinths have a beautiful scent as they flower – why not plant a hanging basket of spring flowers for outside your kitchen door.

We’ve put together our top favourite bulbs to plant this autumn for blooms in spring, with advice on where to plant them and some care tips too.

Bulbs to plant now for a splash of Spring colour


1. Daffodils

A classic sign of Spring, the daffodil is a great choice. Perfect for those of us who want something that’s easy to take care of but can still give you an impressive display.

When to plant daffodil bulbs

Plant your daffodils between August and December, and they’ll begin flowering between March and April. We love daffodils because they’re hardy, can survive in sunlight or shade, and don’t need a lot of space to thrive. Everyone can enjoy their sunny glow.


2. Tulips

Who can resist the cheery charm of the tulip? These gorgeous flowers come in a whole spectrum of colours, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

When to plant tulip bulbs

You’ll need to plant your tulips between August and December. They’ll flower between April and May, depending on which kind you choose. If you want to get clever, choose early and late spring bloomers for a whole season full of tulips.


3. Crocus

When you’ve lost all hope of winter ending, up come the Crocuses, marking the start of Spring. These dainty flowers are a great way to add some early colour to your garden.

When to plant crocus bulbs

Plant your crocuses between August and December for flowers as early as February. Once you’ve planted them, they easily become naturalised. That means they’ll spread out and keep coming back, year after year.


4. Hyacinths

Welcome in the spring with sweet smelling Hyacinths. These stunning flowers will be the envy of your neighbours. Enjoy their vibrant colours and gorgeous fragrance. They’re great for pollinators too.

When to plant hyacinth bulbs

Plant your Hyacinths between August and December for an impressive display in March and April. They’re easy to grow with the right care, and it’s a good idea to stalk them so those beautiful heads don’t topple over.


5. Allium

At first sight you might assume these impressive looking flowers should only be tackled by the experts. But Alliums are really easy to grow with just a little care. As long as you give them some well-drained soil, plenty of sun, and plant them deep enough you’ll be rewarded with a stunning display.

When to plant allium bulbs

Plant your Alliums between August and December, and they’ll flower between May and June.


6. Snowdrops

Even when the weatherman says its winter, these tough little flowers will be sprouting. With a dreamy white covering of delicate petals, Snowdrops are simple to grow, and will come back year after year.

When to plant snowdrop bulbs

Plant your Snowdrops between August and December for flowers in February and March. They’re super hardy so you don’t need to give them too much attention. They can take a year to become properly established, so don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get the full effect in their first season.


7. Iris

Named after a Greek Goddess who rode rainbows, the Iris comes in a whole spectrum of colours. You can easily create your very own magical display. Irises are one of the earliest blooming flowers, so you’ll be inviting Spring into your garden as soon as the frosts fade.

When to plant iris bulbs

Plant your bulbs between August and December, and they’ll flower between February and June. They like to be in full sun with some well-drained soil.


8. Bluebells

Bring an iconic symbol of the beautiful British woodlands into your garden with a carpet of dainty Bluebells. Their deep violet petals and delicate foliage, these flowers are a national favourite, and almost half of the world’s Bluebells are found in the UK.

When to plant bluebell bulbs

Plant your Bluebells between August and December for flowers between April and May. They’re easy for the beginner gardener to grow, thrive in shady areas, and rarely need watering, so it’s a great way to get some colour into your lawn.


9. Anemone

Legend says that fairies are nestled in the petals of these brightly coloured blooms. Create your own enchanted garden with easy to grow Anemones. Choose from a spectrum of shades, from cool blue to lilac, or try mixing them up for a wonder of colour.

When to plant anemone bulbs

Plant your Anemones between August and December for flowers between March and May. They do best in full or partial sun, and they’ll naturally spread if you leave them to naturalise.


10. Fritillaria

Also known as Snakes Head, these elegant flowers can often be seen in botanical gardens. Despite their exotic appearance, they’re not just for the expert gardener. With their chequered, bell shaped petals, in dusky pink and purple, it’s not hard to see why they’ve acquired their name. Snakes Head will flourish in most types of soil, with a little sun, some fertiliser and plenty of moisture.

When to plant fritillaria bulbs

Plant your Fritillaria between August and December for your own impressive display between April and May.

Where to plant Spring flowering bulbs

Hardy Spring flowering bulbs prefer a warm site with enough sunlight and drainage, this is because they come from areas with dry climates. So, as long as they’re not in constant shade, you can plant your bulbs just about anywhere.

How to plant Spring flowering bulbs

For gorgeous blooms in Spring, make sure you plant your spring-flowering bulbs in Autumn. Try to plant your bulbs as soon as possible after purchasing them. If they’re stored for a long time, then they may not produce the beautiful blooms you were hoping for. To plant your bulbs, dig a small hole, drop in the bulb and cover with compost. We suggest planting your bulbs at a depth that is 3 times the size of the height of the bulb, and leave a gap around 3 times their width. Consider using a bulb planter for precise planting.

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You will need the right compost and tools to plant your bulbs to ensure they bloom brilliantly.

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