Blue kitchen design ideas

By Michelle Lucas | 30th October 2023 | 5 min read

Blue is the colour

Blue is a favourite colour of a lot of people; it is the colour of the sky and the sea and is seen to be calming and serene. So it's no wonder it has become right on-trend for kitchen designs and ideas. Whether you are looking for a modern blue kitchen or prefer the soft and more rustic feel of a blue shaker style kitchen, there are many kitchen styles to choose from. 

Blue kitchen ideasBlue kitchen ideasBlue kitchen ideasBlue kitchen ideas

Complementary colours

Orange and blue sit directly opposite each other on the colour wheel. These complementary colours create a striking contrast, especially in saturated shades like deep red-orange and navy blue. To add warmth and personality to your kitchen, consider integrating rich tones of orange into your blue colour palette. Our GoodHome Garcinia matt navy blue cabinets pair exceptionally well with a feature wall in a rich burnt orange colour. This wonderful combination creates a welcoming and cosy atmosphere that is sure to impress.

blue kitchen cabinetsblue kitchen cabinetsblue kitchen cabinetsblue kitchen cabinets

Layer your blues

Create an impactful statement in your kitchen by layering different shades of blue. Our GoodHome Alisma matt blue kitchen perfectly complements a bold indigo feature wall, resulting in a stunning look. For a dramatic all-blue appearance, consider using blue appliances, accessories, and furniture such as bar stools and dining chairs. If you're looking to bring a sense of calm to your kitchen, a true blue colour palette is a great choice. After all, we all know that the kitchen can be a stressful place at times!

blue kitchen designblue kitchen designblue kitchen designblue kitchen design

Blue chip walls

With so many shades of blue wallpaper and paint it can be overwhelming to decide what to choose.  This is where paint colour testers and wallpaper samples are so useful - don't forget to look at colours in the different types of light to make sure you are happy with the different hues throughout the day. A coastal blue or turquoise will brighten up dark areas in your blue kitchen, whereas muted blues like navy and deep blue create depth alongside midnight blue cabinets.

Why not try a feature wall or a mural?  Our Tropical blue flamingo wall mural is sensational and will really give your blue kitchen the WOW factor!

If you are looking to cover all of your walls with wallpaper, a sophisticated blue pinstripe wallpaper is always a good choice and looks smart with both a glossy modern or wooden shaker style.

Bluekitchen ideas2Bluekitchen ideas2Bluekitchen ideas2Bluekitchen ideas2

On the tiles

Floor tiles can be extremely hardwearing and practical which makes them ideal for your kitchen.  Porcelain is a durable material and great for use in high traffic areas.  Co-ordinate your blue kitchen cabinets with a bold, blue and white patterned tile to bring your space to life or choose a more subtle marble effect floor tile like Anson marble effect porcelain wall and floor tile for a cool and serene feel.

Blue kitchens ideaBlue kitchens ideaBlue kitchens ideaBlue kitchens idea