Garden heating buying guide

Fight off the chill with a stylish firepit or chiminea

Don’t let cooler weather keep you indoors, enjoy cosy evenings under the stars with our garden heating range.

garden heating buying guide

Soak up the atmosphere of a real fire, whether entertaining friends and family or relaxing and unwinding alone in the garden, you’ll be able to enjoy being outdoors even after the summer ends. Roast some marshmallows or simply sit back and enjoy the flames, a chiminea or firepit is the perfect place to gather around, making your garden the go to destination on those crisper evenings.

We even offer options that come with grills if you want to use your garden heater for some outdoor cooking.

garden heating buying guide

Where will the heater go?

Are you looking to create a cosy corner in your garden? Or do you have a large patio that you want a statement heater for? Our smaller models, like the anabar steel firepit, are perfect for a more enclosed or compact area that’ll provide enough heat for 2 or 3 people. Bigger options, like our etinas cast iron chimenea, are ideal for spacious paved areas, the best solution for large families and gatherings.

Your chiminea or firepit should be placed on a hard, flat surface, somewhere that is away from anything which could catch fire like hanging foliage or parasols. No matter how careful you are, small pieces of ash or sparks could escape and damage the surface you’ve chosen, so a stone patio is a great choice. If you only have decking or lawn to choose from, place it on a paving slab to avoid scorched grass or wood.

Log store

Ensure you’ve always got plenty of firewood to hand with your very own log store. We offer a range of log stores, from traditional slatted wooden stores, to contemporary metal stores with water-resistant covers.


Which material is right for you?

Our chimineas and fire pits are available in metal or clay.

  • Metal options require little maintenance and can be stored outside (although we recommend protecting with a cover). They’re durable, portable and great for cooking over.

  • Clay gives a more traditional look but will require curing before use and cannot be kept outside during the harsh winter months. They’re handmade and don’t need assembling before you use them.


garden heating buying guide

Firepits are a simple bowl raised off the ground, giving you a 360-degree view of the fire. Much like a campfire, all your guests can sit around it and enjoy the atmosphere.

Our firepits are available in both traditional and contemporary styles and are made from solid steel so they’re built to last. Choose from matt or textured surfaces, as well as additional features such as spark guards, log storage and grills for cooking.

Firelighters & flame lights

Guarantee a roaring fire by stocking up on firelighter cubes. Pop one or two in with your kindling and you to get the flames going. To start it up, use a long flame lighter to keep your fingers out of the heat.

garden heating buying guide


Made from either metal or clay, a chimenea is a freestanding oven with a chimney. They were first made in Mexico in the 17th century, where people used them to make bread. They radiate heat in one concentrated direction, unlike a firepit.

A beautiful focal point for your garden, feed fuel into the front of your chimenea and then just sit back and enjoy the warmth alongside the flicker of the flame.

Although they do come with a steel base and protective rain lid, we recommend that you store your chimenea out of the elements during periods of bad weather and the cold, wet, winter months.

Curing your chiminea

garden heating buying guide

Clay chimeneas must be cured before they can be used.

Simply put around 5 cm of building sand in the bottom of it before lighting a small fire. Allow it to burn out slowly – this coats the interior with soot and seal the pores on the inside to reduce moisture ingress and cracking.

Repeat this three times before using your chimenea.