House Plants Ideas & Advice

Filling your home with greenery is a great way to give your indoors a more natural and welcoming atmosphere. From tall houseplants to air purifying indoor plants – there are so many different types and species to choose from. We’ll help you find easy house plants to care for in your home, take your pick from a huge selection of low maintenance indoor plants. From large house plants like parlour palms, to stunning trailing plants like ivy and pothos. At B&Q, you can find a houseplant for every room of the house. We’ve got moisture loving plants for bathrooms, such as aloe vera and begonias. As well as indoor plants that purify the air, such as peace lilies and snake plants – perfect for bedrooms. If you ask us, no home is complete without some beautiful houseplants dotted around the place. Learn more about how to care for houseplants and browse our selection to find the perfect houseplant online to have delivered straight to your front door.