Nature & Wildlife Advice

Encourage nature into your garden with our wildlife ideas and tips. Looking for some help identifying British birds? Want to learn more about different types of butterflies? Make your outdoor space a sanctuary for garden birds, insects, and small animals. We’ll show you the best plants for pollinators to attract bumble bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. We believe a garden is more beautiful and inviting when it’s full of buzzing insects and twittering birds. Find out how to create your very own butterfly garden full of stunning red admiral and painted lady butterflies. We all need bees for plant pollination, they are incredibly important for our environment. We’ll show you how to build a bee house to encourage more friendly bumble bees into your garden. Want to encourage more pondlife? We’ll help you create a charming garden wildlife pond full of frogs and other creatures. If you have any unwanted wildlife, read our suggestions on deterring garden pests.