Garden Maintenance Advice

Keep on top of your garden care and maintenance with our expert guides and garden advice. Whether your outdoor plants are affected by a plant disease, or you want to know the best weed killer for lawns – you’ll find all the tips and guidance you need to care for your garden and keep it in lush condition. Our guides include advice on preparing your garden for spring and autumn, eco-friendly gardening tips, choosing the best fertiliser, and plenty more. Want to learn more about pruning roses? We’ve got some expert tips. Come across some tomato and potato blight? We’ll show you how to treat and prevent blight from coming back. Looking for advice on common weeds? We’ll help you identify, remove, and prevent weeds. Found some black spots on your rose leaves? We’ll help you fight off aphids and other plant pests and diseases. Keep your garden, plants, and crops healthy and in good condition with these handy guides.