How to choose kitchen cabinets and storage

Find the best kitchen storage for your space

Forget the size of your kitchen – storage is always a problem. Whether you have a compact galley or large family kitchen, it’s difficult to organise all your kitchen items. There are often hard-to-reach corners that sit empty and unused, crying out for corner cupboard solutions, while the space that you can access is overcrowded and cluttered. And with this room being the heart of the home for many of us, getting maximum use of every bit of space is a real challenge.

Let's talk you through our different cabinetry and internal storage ranges and show you how each can help really make the most of the space you have.

Kitchen cabinetry and storage buying guideKitchen cabinetry and storage buying guideKitchen cabinetry and storage buying guideKitchen cabinetry and storage buying guide

Our storage options can work in existing kitchen fittings as well as new ones,  so it’s essential to measure your internal kitchen cabinet units and drawers accurately before you buy. Remember to measure the dimensions from the inside of the frames, not the outside, as that’s where the storage mechanisms will be fitted.

Our kitchen storage solutions can:

  • Make better use of limited and unused space
  • Improve access to hard-to-reach corners and areas
  • Give you extra cabinet and drawer storage
  • Organise and tidy
  • Free up worktop space

So, let’s take a look at our different options and help you find your perfect solution.

white kitchen cabinet storagewhite kitchen cabinet storagewhite kitchen cabinet storagewhite kitchen cabinet storage

What kitchen storage options can I choose from?

Caraway cabinet storage

So much space goes unused in your cabinet units, but there are plenty of ways to claim this back. Our Caraway kitchen cabinets are split into three categories: base, wall, and larder/appliance housing. All kitchen cabinets come with the following features:

  • Sold with a 25-year guarantee
  • Made with responsibly sourced timber
  • Constructed from 1.8 cm thick, durable MFC
  • Built with ABS front edging for protection against accidental damage
  • Utilise an easy-fit cam and dowel installation system, with comprehensive instructions for easy assembly
  • Available with additional shelves to suit customer needs
  • Compliant with FIRA Grade H specifications, for heavy domestic use
  • Available in multiple dimensions and storage options to create a combination that makes the most of your individual space

Now let’s go into a little more detail about each one:

Base cabinets

Our base cabinets are 57 cm deep to provide great storage and are available in two heights; 36 and 72 cm (excluding legs). They’re also available in a wide range of widths and our corner units come in 2 options; blind base corner units or L-shaped base corner units to fit different kitchen requirements. Suitable for use with standard or internal drawers. You can choose whether you want the drawer fronts exposed or hidden behind a cabinet door. When it comes to installation, the ‘bag in a bag’ fittings make it easier to assemble.

green kitchen cabinetsgreen kitchen cabinetsgreen kitchen cabinetsgreen kitchen cabinets

Wall cabinets

Our wall cabinets are available in 3 heights; 36, 72 or 90cm. And can be used as a narrow base cabinet if you use cabinet legs giving you the flexibility to maximise cabinetry in tight, small, or awkward spaces. They’re easy to level with the adjustable wall hanging brackets and come in 3 corner options; blind, L-shaped or angled for you to choose from.

best kitchen cupboardsbest kitchen cupboardsbest kitchen cupboardsbest kitchen cupboards

Corner units

Our Caraway kitchen corner base cabinets are a "must have" for those hard to reach kitchen corner storage spaces and are available in both base and wall cupobard styles.

Our corner base units come in either 600mm or 930mm and are ideal if you need a flexible solution for corner storage. Our kitchen corner cabinets will maximise storage in tight, small, or awkward spaces and those corner spaces will be even easier to reach with our Pebre corner internal storage solutions.

Team your corner base units with our matching kitchen corner wall cabinets. They’re easy to level with the adjustable wall hanging brackets and come in 3 corner options; blind, L-shaped or angled for you to choose from.

kitchen larder storagekitchen larder storagekitchen larder storagekitchen larder storage

Larder storage

Our larder storage comes in a range of options which can be combined with our Soto internal drawers to create storage towers which maximise available storage space in a larder and create an easy to access solution. Or they can be paired with our Pebre internal storage for a pull-out larder option. There are 2 different heights of larder unit; 201 and 219 cm (excluding legs) and 3 widths so you can find the right solution for your space. The units are pre-drilled to allow for 2 storage tower options and you can customise your unit with shelf packs and larder ends.

best kitchen storage drawersbest kitchen storage drawersbest kitchen storage drawersbest kitchen storage drawers

Soto drawers

When planning your kitchen, it’s worth trying to include more drawers than shelves. Kitchen drawers help maximise the amount of usable space and make it easier to segregate items with dividers. Investing in more drawers at a base level can reduce the amount you need to bend down to reach things at the back of the cabinet. Plus, it can reduce the amount of wall cabinets you need, while full extension drawers give an easier view of fiddly items like utensils or plastic containers.

Our Soto drawers offer two drawer heights (standard and deep) that can be used as external or internal ‘hidden’ drawers. Standard height drawers are perfect for cutlery, utensils, and other small items – especially with our Nitaki cutlery trays. Choose deep drawers for pots, pans, dinnerware, and plastic containers, as well as bulky food items like cereal or rice.

Internal drawers might be a great option for you if you prefer a clean drawer-less look. Our internal fascias make it easy to create different combinations to suit your needs, giving the impression of a full door while maintaining the advantages of multiple drawers. You can also create a plinth drawer to make the most of all available space, even that traditionally below your cabinet. Simply team the drawer box with a plinth bracket kit.

kitchen corner storagekitchen corner storagekitchen corner storagekitchen corner storage

Pebre internal storage

Our storage solutions are used to help maximise space usage in all areas of your kitchen. We’ve created a number of clever internal storage products like space-saving storage towers, pull-out, and easy to use corner units with improvements from our previous range:

  • Easy to assemble, with improved instructions and drill templates • Improved surface coverage to maximise storage space
  • Maximised load potential for heavier items
  • Designed for those hard-to-reach corner areas
  • Added plastic shelving that’s easy to remove and clean
  • Pre-drilled cabinet holes for easy installation
  • All designed to seamlessly fit our Caraway cabinet range

Our pull-out units are similar to our larder options – the shelving pulls out from inside the cabinet into the room – so you can easily see and reach everything in one gliding action. They’re ideal for narrow spaces and can help with specific storage problems.

In contrast to the pull-out mechanism, corner carousel units rotate and are best suited to blind corners and awkward L-shapes. Carousels provide easy access to bulky items, like pots and pans and improve access to hard-to-reach corners. Check out our GoodHome Pebre corner carousel.

Alternatively opt for our GoodHome Pebre pull-out corner unit. These consist of two shelves that swing out of the cabinet space for maximum access and are ideal for heavier items. Upgrade even further to maximise your corner storage space by doubling up your corner cabinets with our GoodHome Pebre space corner unit – two complete storage units attached to one another in a single corner cabinet. One is secured to the inside of the door and on opening, automatically pulls the other one forward in a seamless motion meaning all the space is used.

Wall mounted kitchen storage

Keep clutter off your worktops and free up drawer space with our wall mounted kitchen storage. It’s perfect for storing small kitchen accessories such as pots, utensils, and knives. With wall storage you can put your coolest kitchen gadgets on display for everyone to see. Choose from stainless steel hook rails, magnetic panels, and bamboo shelves.

kitchen wall storagekitchen wall storagekitchen wall storagekitchen wall storage

For more advice on keeping your kitchen organised and tidy, check out our kitchen storage ideas. If you need some help planning your kitchen, book a free planning appointment to discuss your project with one of our showroom advisors.