Garden storage buying guide

Banish clutter with stylish and practical outdoor storage

Keep your garden clutter free and your outdoor items organised and accessible with our range of garden storage solutions.

Ideal if you don’t have the space for a shed and available in a variety of styles and materials to complement your garden’s look, they help find a discreet and secure place for tools, garden equipment and outdoor living items. So, whether you have plenty to pack away or just the odd bulky item, let's have a look at our garden storage options to find the right one for you.

garden storage buying guide

Before you begin

What will you be storing?

Are you looking for a space to keep tools? A place for your bikes? Or storage to keep your garden neat and tidy? There are all sorts of items that require extra storage space outside, some of the most common being:

  • tools and gardening equipment
  • garden furniture, cushions and parasols
  • barbecues and accessories
  • bikes and children's toys such as paddling pools.

We offer storage solutions designed with particular scenarios or tasks in mind, with features to help keep specific items safe and secure. Or, if you’re looking for more flexibility, check out our multi-purpose storage options that put away all sorts of different items tidily and securely.

How big does your storage need to be?

Now that you know what you're looking to store, it's important to measure the outdoor space you have available, using a tape measure. With this measurement taken, you know the maximum size of your chosen storage option. Take into account the extra space required to access it, as some options will also have roof overhangs to consider. If you can, we recommend opting for a slightly larger option than you think you require – it’s always better to have too much space rather than too little and you’ll probably fill it up over time.

If you require a lot of storage, or a place to work on outdoor projects, a shed may be a better choice for you. Check out our shed buying guide for help choosing the right one for you.

garden storage buying guide

Where will your garden storage go?

Depending on what you’re storing, you may want to place it near the house for easy access – on your patio or decking for example. If this is the case, pay attention to the weight of your chosen option, as well as the recommended base for it, so that you do not damage what lies beneath.

For items that you use less often, you can position your storage further away from your home. Maybe next to your garden fence or hidden away in a side alley. We also stock smaller options that can be placed within greenhouses or sheds.

If your garden is susceptible to flooding, make sure your storage is placed in the driest spot possible to protect it and its contents. It will also need to be placed on a level surface – for more advice on how to create a suitable base if you don’t have one already, head to our how to guide on shed bases.

Garden storage types

We offer two different types of storage: multi-purpose options that are suitable for storing a range of different items, and those that have a particular task in mind.

Most of our storage options have either an apex or pent roof to protect the structure from rainwater.

  • A pent roof has one side lower than the other in order to drain water away from the front of the structure.
  • An apex roof is raised in the middle to make a triangular shape and water drains away on both sides of the structure.

A full range of sizes is available so that you can choose the most appropriate model for your storage requirements.

Multi-purpose garden storage options

garden storage buying guide

Garden storage chests and boxes

A compact alternative to the traditional shed, storage chests and boxes come in a range of styles. Look for models with wheels and handles to make it easier to move around.

Storage chests and boxes:

  • Feature doors or lift-up lids
  • Have either a flat or pent roof
  • May have a spring-assisted opening and closing action for convenience
  • Can be secured with locks
  • May require some assembly.
garden storage buying guide

Outdoor cabinets

Garden storage cabinets provide easy access with single or double doors at the front. Typically taller than garden boxes, they’re suitable for storing garden hand tools such as spades and forks.

Outdoor cabinets:

  • Are made from wood or plastic
  • Can have shelves for easy storage of items such as paint cans, watering cans and plant pots
  • Can be secured with a padlock.
garden storage buying guide

Garden storage benches

Combine comfortable seating and discrete storage with a garden storage bench. Ours seat two people, and have room underneath the seat to keep cushions or small tools hidden out of sight.

Our storage benches:

  • Are available in wood or plastic
  • Have either integrated storage or a separate storage box on wheels that you can easily slide out from underneath the bench.
garden storage buying guide

Garden timber bars

A cross-between an outdoor structure and storage, a timber bar is ideal for those who love to socialise. Serve drinks to your friends and family, and when you’re done tidy away all equipment into a separate, handy storage area that will keep it out of sight.

Timber bars:

  • Are designed with an apex roof
  • Have a single door for access
  • Come with a lock and key for security.

Storage for particular items

garden storage buying guide

Bike stores

Looking for somewhere to store your bike or motorbike? Our range of bike stores suit different sizes and security requirements - all giving you easy access to your bikes.

Our bike stores:

  • Are available in metal and plastic options
  • Are designed with flat, apex or pent roofs
  • May come with the Police SBD (Secure By Design) mark, confirming that it has their preferred specifications for security.
garden storage buying guide

Log stores

If you have an open fire or log burner and need a place to store your fuel, a garden log store provides both a practical and decorative solution.

Log stores:

  • Are available in wood or metal
  • Include a floor to keep your logs dry and off the ground
  • Are designed with either a pent roof or water-resistant cover to protect the logs from rainwater
  • Can have slotted floors and backs to help keep the contents dry
  • Can have internal shelves and flip-top roofs for easier stacking and access.
garden storage buying guide

Bin stores

Keep your unsightly bins out of view with a bin store.

Our bin stores:

  • Fit two wheelie bins
  • Are made of wood or plastic
  • Are designed with flat or apex roofs
  • Come with lifting lids to make it easy for you to fill your bins
  • Allow for easy removal of your bins when it’s collection day.

Garden storage materials

Are you trying to match your storage with another garden item or structure? Or is there a particular look or colour that you’re after? Our range includes various materials, as well as styles, to help you find the one for you and your outdoor space.

There are three materials to choose from - plastic, wooden and metal.

garden storage buying guide

Plastic garden storage

The most popular garden storage material, plastic is durable and requires very little maintenance.

Plastic storage:

  • Won’t fade over time
  • Only requires an occasional wash to keep it looking clean and new
  • Is available in different styles and finishes. Choose between classic neutral designs, wood-effect and rattan-effect finishes to achieve a decorative statement that blends in with your garden furniture, planters and other outdoor items.
garden storage buying guide

Wooden garden storage

If you’re looking for the most natural look in the garden, opt for wood garden storage. Stain it to maintain its rustic look, or paint it to either coordinate or clash with the rest of your garden.

Wooden storage:

  • Is made from wood that comes from sustainable sources. We work with suppliers who ensure what is taken is replenished, and that woodland habitats are protected
  • Will require regular treatment with wood stain if not pre-treated
  • Is easy to take with you if you move
  • Is available with horizontal or vertical cladding. Some products are constructed using tongue and groove cladding.
garden storage buying guide

Metal garden storage

For a modern look that provides the ideal security solution, choose metal outdoor storage. These products are designed and constructed to prevent their doors or roofs from being prised open.

Metal storage:

  • Is made from steel, making it incredibly difficult to damage or vandalise
  • Is available in several neutral colours, painted in a galvanised outdoor paint to protect from rust and decay
  • Is perfect for storing high value items, and items that require more secure storage
  • Is low-maintenance and designed to last.

You might need

Now you’ve chosen your outdoor storage, don’t forget the little things that you’ll need to complete this addition to your garden.

garden storage buying guide



It's essential to secure your storage, both from potential intruders to your garden and any inquisitive little ones (especially if tools and equipment are stored inside). It can also help during periods of bad weather. Look for products with padlocks or outdoor fixings, and if sold without, add separately.

garden storage buying guide


If you’re looking to match your wood storage to your garden's look (perhaps a fence, gate or shed), or create a standalone style statement, check out our range of exterior paints for wood. Alternatively, use a more subtle protective treatment to help maintain its natural beauty.

garden storage buying guide

Bench cushions

Whether you’ve got a storage bench for dedicated seating or a storage box that can be used as a bench when additional seating is needed, consider some bench cushions. They are super comfortable and will bring some colour to your garden. And of course they can be easily stored underneath when not in use.