This month in your garden

Show your garden some love and you'll get a lot back in return, and just a little hard work will really pay off. Let us help you make the most of your slice of nature. Whether you want a lush lawn, a place for tiny feet to let off steam, or your very own veggie patch, our monthly checklist is easy to follow and you don't need to be an expert.

Bring nature into your garden

Everyone has a role to play in nurturing the nature in our garden and outdoor spaces. Engaging with nature can have a huge positive impact on your soul. Through practical gardening advice, we’ll show you how to encourage nature to your garden and celebrate nature’s potential to increase our physical and mental wellbeing.

Gardens are for living

There’s a symbiotic relationship between gardens and our sense of self and emotions; they lift us up, calm us down, energise us, they give us peace of mind, bring joy and they give us places to connect. We’ll inspire you and show you how to create a garden that helps you truly express yourself.