Blue living room ideas: 7 ways to create a relaxing living space

By Ellie Reeves | 6th September 2022 | 5 min read

Creative design ideas for your blue living room

Got your heart set on a blue living room? This gentle shade is calming and inviting, ready to welcome you home with open arms. Blue has the power to be both warming and cooling, dark and light, modern and traditional. You can use it to create the exact mood you want in your living area. Whether you prefer bright blues, or calming coastal hues, we’ll help you choose the perfect shade to create a harmonious living space.

This tranquil tone lends itself wonderfully to different schemes and accent colours. Pair with orange for a stunning contrast, or grey for a cool toned room. Go all out with a dramatic navy living room or add a subtle splash of blue with furniture and accessories. We’ll show you how to pull off this stunning shade in your home.

Ready to create the ultimate blue living room?

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blue wall panellingblue wall panellingblue wall panellingblue wall panelling
blue bedroom colour matchblue bedroom colour matchblue bedroom colour matchblue bedroom colour match

Colour matchmakers – finding the perfect blue

No matter what shade of blue you’ve got your heart set on – you can get the exact colour mixed at B&Q. Whether you’re inspired by your favourite royal blue jacket, or the shade of indigo on your lampshade – get any shade your heart desires mixed at your local B&Q store. Simply bring your sample into a store, place it under the scanner at the colour mixing desk and one of our store colleagues will create a bespoke colour just for you.

1. Create the illusion of space

Despite being a small space, this pale blue living room looks airy and spacious. We’ve used GoodHome Toulon to coat the walls. This stunning shade has a light reflectance value (LRV) of 57, which means it will bounce plenty of natural daylight around the walls, helping to make the room appear bigger. We’ve paired with light furniture and accessories, such as this off-white sofa and geometric rug. Throw in some dark blue cushions and blankets and opt for a dark floor to add depth and dimension to your living room.

pale blue living roompale blue living roompale blue living roompale blue living room

2. Simply the zest

Use trendy wallpaper to bring a touch of playfulness to your living room. The lemons and oranges stand out beautifully against the blue background on this charming Sicilian lemon wallpaper. Blue pairs well with shades of orange and yellow, making this living room feel stylish and modern. Pair with light natural accessories and soft furnishings. The burnt orange cushions and chic console table help to tie the whole look together.

blue lemon wallpaperblue lemon wallpaperblue lemon wallpaperblue lemon wallpaper

3. Upcycle with blue furniture paint

Give your tired furniture a new lease of life with blue renovation paint. If you’re living in a rented space and you’re not able to paint or wallpaper the walls, then upcycling furniture is a great way of bringing blue into your home. This repurposed side table has gone from dreary to dreamy with just a lick of grey and blue furniture paint. It doesn’t stop at furniture, why not paint your picture frames or vases to create a blissfully blue living room.

blue upcycled furnitureblue upcycled furnitureblue upcycled furnitureblue upcycled furniture

4. Bold blue wall panelling

Wall panelling is all the rage right now, and we’re hardly surprised. It’s stylish, sophisticated, and ever so elegant. This open plan living space looks gorgeous with blue vertical wall panelling. Find out how to this yourself with our guide to DIY wall panelling. Don’t want to get the toolbox out? If you’d like a quicker option, use blue wood panelling effect wallpaper to get the look.

blue wall panellingblue wall panellingblue wall panellingblue wall panelling

5. Wow with blue furniture

Let your furniture do the talking. A blue armchair or sofa is a bold choice for your living room, perfect for making a gorgeous statement in your home. Our deep blue velvet Turio armchair has a matching footstool so you can put your feet up at the end of a long day. Inspired by the rustic converted loft spaces in Brooklyn, the Turio furniture range combines luxe elegance with industrial charm. Pair with sleek black accessories and elegant wallpaper for a beautiful living room to be proud of.

velvet blue armchairvelvet blue armchairvelvet blue armchairvelvet blue armchair

6. Everything but the walls

Don’t fancy decorating your living room? Not a problem. You can still achieve a blue living room by filling your space with sapphire blue home accessories, navy blankets, and calming wall art. Experiment with different shades and layer this tranquil tone throughout your room. Pair with natural materials to create a fresh and inviting space to relax.

blue home accessoriesblue home accessoriesblue home accessoriesblue home accessories

7. Make a statement with zoo-inspired wallpaper

Create a statement with this sophisticated zoology design wallpaper – perfect for animal lovers who like to have a bit of fun with their interiors. Featuring a soft on-trend blue and a collection of illustrated animals, this wallpaper is a gorgeous conversation piece. Combine with light furniture and colourful cushions and accessories for a bright and funky space.

blue animal wallpaperblue animal wallpaperblue animal wallpaperblue animal wallpaper