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5 creative ways to turn your garden into an adventure playground

Let’s all go outside

Remember the fun you used to have in your garden as a kid? And begging your mum to stay out just a little bit longer (even when tea was on the table…). These days, encouraging your own kids to play outdoors might seem a chore. Why would they want to go outside when they have Nintendo Switch and Netflix inside? Make the outdoors irresistible with these creative ideas to get them playing outside.

kids garden ideaskids garden ideaskids garden ideaskids garden ideas

1. Build a sandcastle…in the garden?

When the beaches are overcrowded but your youngsters are begging to build sandcastles, why not make a sandpit for your back garden? Use decking or railway sleepers to build the frame, fill with fine sand and grab a bucket and spade! And when the kids have gone to bed but the night’s still young, pull up a deck chair, pour yourself a cool drink, and enjoy the feeling of the sand between your toes, imagining you’re on the white sandy shores of Mauritius.

children garden playgroundchildren garden playgroundchildren garden playgroundchildren garden playground

2. Rain can’t stop play

We all know the weather during the Great British Summer can be very unpredictable. But just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you and the children need to stay cooped up indoors. Make the most of a gloomy day by pulling on a cagoule and wellies and build a “mud kitchen” for them to play in the garden. With a few planks of wood, a shelf or two and a lot of imagination, your kids will be whipping up mud pies and grass soup with flower croutons in no time. Just don’t sample any of their ‘culinary’ creations!

garden ideas for bad weathergarden ideas for bad weathergarden ideas for bad weathergarden ideas for bad weather

3. Enjoy wet and wild fun outdoors

When the children are hot and bothered but you can’t get to the beach or swimming pool, jump in the paddling pool! For a real water park vibe, why not set up a slip and slide in the garden too? Take the fun to another level and grab a water pistol or water balloons for a refreshing (if a little shocking at times!) water fight outdoors. To protect your lawn, you can always lay some colourful outdoor playmats!

paddling pool ideaspaddling pool ideaspaddling pool ideaspaddling pool ideas

4. Spark imagination with miniature wonderlands

A child’s imagination and fascination with tiny creatures is a wonderful thing to behold. Create a magical wonderland by building a fairy garden together. Perhaps plant succulents in old tree stumps and decorate with a seashell path and floral front door. Or inspire their curiosity by crafting a bug hotel or bee B&B, surrounded by colourful flowers and plants, that will encourage creepy crawly wildlife to visit.

wildlife friendly garden ideaswildlife friendly garden ideaswildlife friendly garden ideaswildlife friendly garden ideas

5. Castles fit for little kings and queens

Those of you who had a wendy house as a child will remember the adventures you had, and the hours you could while away playing outdoors. From quaint picket-fenced mini cottages for ‘making house’ to camouflaged and equipped secret dens to plan battles. What better way to get your kids out, playing in the fresh air than by building (or buying!) your very own playhouse in the garden for your children.

kids garden ideaskids garden ideaskids garden ideaskids garden ideas