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By Ellie Reeves | 28th November 2023 | 8 min read

Snooze in style: 10 bedroom colours for a relaxing retreat

Everyone deserves to have a space where they can truly unwind, leaving the stresses of the day behind and embracing ultimate relaxation. Your bedroom should be a tranquil oasis, a space that rejuvenates both your body and mind. And what better way to achieve this than through the strategic use of colour?

From soothing blues to soft neutrals that create a comforting ambience, we’ll explore different bedroom colours and ideas, providing tips and inspiration along the way. Experience the transformative power of colour with these bedroom paint ideas.

bedroom paint design ideasbedroom paint design ideasbedroom paint design ideasbedroom paint design ideas

Choosing a paint palette for your bedroom

What does tranquillity conjure up in your mind? Translucent floaty window dressings, light coloured walls, and stark minimalism? Or dark burgundy and rich blues for a more moody, warm, and snug atmosphere? Or maybe something in between? We’re all unique individuals and we all react to colours in different ways. Have a browse through these bedroom paint colour ideas to gain some inspiration for your space.

blue bedrooms

1. Peaceful blue bedroom

Struggling to switch off at night? Create a calming atmosphere with vivid blues and bright teals. This soothing hue is the perfect backdrop colour for a peaceful retreat. You could pair blue walls with vibrant bedding for a striking contrast that sparks energy and passion. The cool tones of blue have been known to lower heart rates and reduce stress levels, allowing for a rejuvenating sleep. Looking for more inspiration? From deep indigos to fresh ocean blues, check out these blue bedroom ideas.

blue bedroom ideasblue bedroom ideasblue bedroom ideasblue bedroom ideas
pink bedrooms

2. Soft pink bedroom

Allow yourself to be swept away into a haven of serenity with a dusty pink bedroom. The appeal of a pale pink bedroom extends beyond its aesthetics. This delicate shade can promote feelings of comfort and tranquility. Whether you opt for a soft pastel pink or a vibrant fuchsia, we’ll help you choose the right shade to suit your desired style and mood. Read our pink bedroom ideas to get some inspiration for your space.

pink bedroom ideaspink bedroom ideaspink bedroom ideaspink bedroom ideas
yellow bedrooms

3. Yellow and white bedroom

Create an energetic atmosphere in your bedroom with a delightful blend of yellow and white. This sunny statement wall with wood panelling is set against a pristine white backdrop. The surrounding white walls provide a clean and fresh canvas, allowing the yellow statement wall to truly shine. Natural materials, beige hues, and soft furnishings give the room a cosy feel. For a bedroom that radiates positivity and joy - choose yellow.

yellow bedroom ideasyellow bedroom ideasyellow bedroom ideasyellow bedroom ideas
beige bedrooms

4. Warm beige bedroom

Often overlooked, beige is a gorgeous colour for creating a chilled and cosy bedroom. A delicate shade such as beige can be combined with a whole spectrum of colours to create the look you want. Cultivate a serene atmosphere with a neutral colour palette. Think beige, taupe, cream, and caramel latte. For a fresh and airy feel, combine beige with crisp white accents. White bedding, curtains, and furniture look beautiful against beige-toned walls.

beige bedroom ideasbeige bedroom ideasbeige bedroom ideasbeige bedroom ideas
purple bedrooms

5. Layered lilac bedroom

Create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom by using soft shades of purple and lavender. This dreamy bedroom is made up of different layers of purple, from lilac to mauve and velvety violet. Grey furniture and flooring help to tie the whole look together. A beautiful blend of blue and red, purple can create a sense of balance and harmony. When used in a bedroom, this luxurious shade can improve your mood and well-being.

purple bedroom ideaspurple bedroom ideaspurple bedroom ideaspurple bedroom ideas
green bedrooms

6. Forest green bedroom

Let yourself be inspired by nature – soft sage, deep forest green, and earthy moss. You can almost feel the stress melting away, right? We associate green with nature, growth, and rejuvenation. Decorating your bedroom with shades of green can symbolise new beginnings and positive change. Combine with natural materials, warm browns, and trailing houseplants to further enhance the organic feel. Read our green bedroom ideas for more inspiration.

green bedroom ideasgreen bedroom ideasgreen bedroom ideasgreen bedroom ideas
grey bedrooms

7. Light grey bedroom

Grey is a soft and gentle shade that works wonderfully by itself or can be a complementary colour in your bedroom paint scheme. The understated and subtle tones of grey provide a soothing backdrop that allows other elements in the room to shine. Whether you prefer a minimalist, traditional, or contemporary style, soft grey pairs perfectly with a range of decor choices.

grey bedroom ideasgrey bedroom ideasgrey bedroom ideasgrey bedroom ideas
red bedrooms

8. Energetic red bedroom

Red is a powerful shade known for its ability to grab attention and stimulate the senses. It can evoke particularly strong emotions. If you want to create a passionate and energetic ambience, use varying shades of red. Bear in mind, the intensity of red might be overwhelming if used extensively. When it comes to this shade, we think a little can go a long way. This magnificent shade looks best when used as an accent colour or as a crimson feature wall.

red bedroom ideasred bedroom ideasred bedroom ideasred bedroom ideas

9. White and green bedroom

Promote rest and relaxation with a stunning white bedroom. Known for its association with cleanliness and purity, the simplicity of white creates a peaceful sanctuary for a good night’s sleep. Pops of light green have been used in this white bedroom to create a fresh and inviting feel. We think the beauty of white lies in its versatility. Acting as a blank canvas, white allows you to unleash your creativity, empowering you to create a bedroom that reflects your unique individuality.

white and green bedroom ideaswhite and green bedroom ideaswhite and green bedroom ideaswhite and green bedroom ideas

10. Bold black bedroom

Looking to add some depth and sophistication to your bedroom? A black bedroom may be exactly what you're looking for. Some may shy away from using black in the bedroom, finding it too intimidating. However, when balanced correctly, we think it can create a serene environment. A black bedroom can act as a visual retreat, allowing your mind to switch off from the day's stresses. Pair this dark shade with soft textures, warm lighting, and luxurious bedding to further enhance this sense of tranquility.

black bedroom ideasblack bedroom ideasblack bedroom ideasblack bedroom ideas
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