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B&Q More Sustainable Product Milestones

At B&Q we’ve been continually improving the way we do things and trying to reduce our impact on the planet for over 30 years!

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Set our first timber sourcing policy to reduce illegal logging and deforestation in our supply chain. Launched our first peat-free compost. 


Became founding members of the Forest Stewardship Council to improve responsible sourcing of wood and paper across the industry. 


Became the first UK retailer to label and reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in paint. 


Stopped selling patio heaters, non-native invasive plants, 100% bagged peat growing media and PVC shower curtains. 


Stopped selling pesticides containing any of the following: neonicitinoids: clothianidin, thiamethoxam and imidacloprid. 


Stopped selling hosepipes containing DEHP, a phthalate and removed expanded polystyrene packaging from pack bedding plants.  


Required all Christmas trees to be grown to Global G.A.P. standards. 


Stopped selling high strength sulphuric acid based drain unblocking chemicals and removed all peat from strip vegetable plant packs. 


Required all horticultural suppliers to stop using any neonicitinoid pesticides in the growing of flowering plants for sale at B&Q. 


55% of all sales come from products that are lower impact in manufacture or can help customers reduce the environmental of home improvement to help to create greener, healthier homes. 


Stopped selling peat-based bagged compost and disposable barbeques.

Future commitments 


Achieve 99% responsibly sourced wood and paper products across the range. 


Achieve 100% responsibly sourced wood and paper.

Ensure 70% of sales are from products that help to create greener, healthier homes – meeting the Kingfisher Sustainable Home Product criteria.  

Reduce our product carbon footprint (Scope 3) by 40% compared to 2017 baseline. 

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