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Find out more about our responsible business, our sustainability initiatives and waste disposal

As a responsible company we have adopted strict buying agreements and rigorous quality management processes to oversee our suppliers and help them to achieve the highest ethical standards.

We work closely with nearly 500 suppliers from around the world to ensure that guidelines addressing employment practices, health and safety, quality of product and environmental performance are properly adhered to.

We have a social and environmental programme called QUEST (Quality, Ethics and Safety), which works alongside our quality assurance systems and specialists. We require our suppliers to adhere to the codes of conduct set out in QUEST and report on them, which provides us with information on their environmental management systems and ethical management processes. We also request a life cycle assessment of products supplied to us along with data relating to their environmental track record and targets.

As part of this programme, and in recognition of the fact we have a large, complex supply chain, we have joined SEDEX - a web-based system that provides a membership based data exchange. The system enables members to input information, (for example a factory can input when it was last audited) and members of SEDEX are able to extract this information). Our membership to SEDEX provides us with greater visibility at all levels of our supply chain. It also leads to a reduction in the number of audits a production site may face as SEDEX acts by sharing this information.

We’re working with our verified sellers to ensure that all of them are working towards compliance with the Kingfisher Forest Positive Policy and Ethical Sourcing standards. We’re using our commercial relationships as a force for good to encourage improvements in standards, and we’re asking all of the sellers who sell wood and paper products to comply with our requirements within 5 years of joining the platform. As we progress we’re hoping we can show our customers which products meet our standards and make it even easier for them to make more sustainable choices for their homes.


B&Q's sustainability programme One Planet Home is a partner to environmental charity BioRegional's One Planet Living® initiative. One Planet Living® is our vision of a sustainable world, in which people everywhere can enjoy a high quality of life within the productive capacity of the planet. Regular shoppers to B&Q will know we've been leading the way on environmental issues since the early 1990s but with One Planet Home we're promising not only to reduce our own impact, we're also committing to helping our customers to enjoy better, more sustainable homes.

For more information about our commitments on our One Planet Home pages.

You can visit and enter your postcode to find your nearest recycling point, you can text ELEC and your postcode to 60060 or you can call the recycle help line on 08450 682 572.

Read more about the WEEE scheme and our commitment to recycling old electrical goods.

Every B&Q store has battery recycling point located near to the front of the store. We're able to accept all portable batteries including AA, AAA and D size batteries as well as power tools batteries (we can't accept car batteries).

Over 50% of B&Q’s sales are from products that meet Kingfisher's Sustainable Home Product Guidelines. This means that they have at least one feature that make them more sustainable or can help our customers to enjoy more sustainable homes. For example, loft insulation and LED light bulbs help to keep carbon emissions down - as well as helping to keep energy bills under control. 95% of the wood and paper products that we sell have been responsibly sourced through applying the Kingfisher Forest Positive policy, and we’re aiming to reach 100% soon.

Read more about our Forest Positive Policy.

Chain of Custody is the unbroken path which products take from the forest to the consumer, including all stages of manufacturing, transportation, and distribution.

B&Q maintains a certified chain of custody for both FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) making us one of the largest certified companies in the UK. Chain of Custody proves that our certified wood and paper products come from either proven, well-managed forest or recycled material according to the requirements of the FSC or PEFC schemes.

Chain of Custody means customers can be assured that we are committed to sourcing timber from only proven, well-managed forests and to improving our proportion of certified products within the business and can be illustrated by our securing of the largest supply of FSC hardwood plywood in the world by volume in September 2009.

Every time you buy a product containing FSC or PEFC you will find B&Q's unique Chain of Custody number on your till receipt.

The FSC® label provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment as well as providing ongoing business value.

FSC® is nationally represented in more than 50 countries around the world. B&Q is proud to be a founding partner of the FSC® and to have full chain of custody status.

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