Responsibly sourced timber


Working towards 100% responsibly sourced timber

We are working towards a target where 100% of the wood, paper and card in the products we buy is either FSC® certified with full chain of custody, PEFC certified with full chain of custody or from a proven recycled source. We have been responsibly sourcing our wood and paper products for over 30 years.

At B&Q, we published our first timber policy in 1991. We had been challenged to prove that we were not sourcing wood from threatened rainforests – and we realised that we needed to find out where our wood was from.

In 1994, we were a founding partner of the Forest Stewardship Council® which meant that we were able to start checking that the forests were being managed responsibly. If wood is harvested as part of a carefully prepared management plan, biodiversity can be maintained, and the forest protected for the long term.

In 2022 B&Q launched a partnership with the Woodland Trust to help with the restoration, protection and creation of native woodland at their Snaizeholme site in North Yorkshire. The partnership will take us closer to achieving 100% compliance to the Kingfisher Forest Positive Policy in 2023, so that all of our wood and paper products have been responsibly sourced helping to protect forests.

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Did you know that our kitchen cabinets are a great example of Forest Friendly in practice?

Our kitchen units are manufactured within the UK and FSC® certified wood is sourced from forests which are maintained to high sustainability standards. Recycled wood is also mixed in. In fact, the trucks pick up waste wood on their way back to one factory site Devon after delivering the finished cabinets to B&Q. The factory uses power from biomass and also harvests rainwater. The finished cabinets are guaranteed for 25 years.