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Sustainable Products At B&Q - Key Milestones

At B&Q we're taking steps to ensure our products are sustainable and meet the highest standards possible.


Stopped selling patio heaters, non-native invasive plants, 100% bagged peat growing media and PVC shower curtains.


Achieved 100% responsible sourcing of timber in products.


Stopped selling pesticides containing any of the following neonicitinoids: clothianidin, thiamethoxam and imidacloprid.


Stopped selling hosepipes containing DEHP, a phthalate. Expanded polystyrene packaging removed from pack bedding plants. Required suppliers of natural stone products to join the TFT Responsible Stone Group.


Required all Christmas trees to be grown employing Global G.A.P. standards.


Stopped selling sulphuric acid based drain unblocking chemicals and removed all peat from strip vegetable plant packs.


Required all horticultural suppliers to B&Q to stop using any neonicitinoid pesticides in the growing of flowering plants for sale at B&Q.


Set carbon reduction targets in line with 2oC warming.


55% of all products sold help create greener, healthier homes – meeting our Sustainable Home Product criteria.

92% of all wood and paper in our retail products responsibly sourced.


Revised our carbon reduction targets in line with 1.5oC warming.

91% of stores fitted with LED lighting.

Launched our first in-store Sustainability Zone in St Albans, helping customers learn about sustainable products. 

Future commitments


Sell only 100% peat-free compost in our stores.


Become forest positive – 100% responsibly sourced wood and paper, no deforestation through other materials we use; protecting and restoring forests.