We’re committed to helping make it easier for our customers to do their home improvement projects. We offer services to help with specific projects, such as our kitchen, bathroom and bedroom planning and installation services, and timber cutting and tool hire

We also have a wide range of services to help reduce the impact we all have on the planet, like our free personalised Energy Saving Service. With guidance on everything from what products you need, to where you get them and how to install them. We'll also assess the energy efficiency of your home and look at how you can reduce both your bills and your carbon footprint. So you can be kinder to your wallet, and to the planet. 

We're making it easier for you to recycle your old plastic plant pots, to transform them into new products and packaging. And we're looking to expand this service to other products soon. So together, we can help to reduce our impact and give something that was going to waste a new lease of life. 

For customers looking for inspiration or more guidance on getting a project done - from which product to buy and how to prepare, to expert advice on how to do it - we have hundreds of pages of online ‘Help & Advice’ as well as ‘how-to's’, ‘top tips’ and ‘trends advice’ on our social media channels.